Praying for Our Children – For Their Protection

As mothers, we want our children shielded from harm. Skinned knees and broken bones are often part of their journey through childhood. Oh, how we so desperately strive to protect them!

But their bodies aren’t the only things that can can be wounded along the way. Their hearts, minds, emotions and spirit all need protection of the Divine kind too.

We live in a world that is striving to steal our children’s souls. We live in a world where they are calling wrong right and right wrong. We live in a world that is lewd, crude and shouting out lies louder than anything else our children can hear.

Our children unknowingly stand in desperate need of our intercession. They may not feel like they need protection, but make no mistake about it… THEY DO!

Today, we’re going to focus on praying for our children’s protection. If the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous woman accomplishes much, then we better get busy praying like crazy! The souls of the next generation are at stake!

Don’t underestimate it, sweet friend…prayer is serious, life-changing business!

There are a plethora of ‘praying for protection’ verses in the Word of God! We aren’t the first generation to stand in need of the hand of protection from the Living God – Scripture gives us umpteen examples to chose from.

So let’s look at just a few…

Isaiah 52:12
“For you shall not go out with haste, Nor go by flight; For the LORD will go before you, And the God of Israel will be your rear guard.”

Isaiah 58:8
“Then your light shall break forth like the morning, Your healing shall spring forth speedily, And your righteousness shall go before you; The glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.”

2 Thessalonians 3:3
“But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.”

Psalm 34:7
“The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear Him,And delivers them.”

Psalm 91:11
“For He shall give His angels charge over you,To keep you in all your ways.”

As you read through Scripture and you find verses that reveal God’s heart to protect His people, begin praying that for your children.

When you come across the pleas for protection in the Word of God, let those prayers begin to echo in your own heart, as well!

Pray for the protection of their souls from the onslaughts of the enemy. Pray for the protection of their hearts from the lies of the world and the wicked one. Pray for the protection of their faith from the deceptive schemes of satan. Pray for the protection of ungodly influence, unsavory friends and unconscionable peer pressure.

When they were young, you had to put their clothes on for them. If they are still too young or unable, you dress them in the Armor of God until they can do it themselves. Dress them in prayer with those things that will protect them in this world.

Pray for protection over the things they see, hear and come in contact with. Pray for discernment and wisdom to know and walk in what is right.

Don’t ever stop praying. Not when they’re 2, not when they’re 20, not when they’re 70. As long as you’re alive, you pray for your child like crazy.

You remain a covering of intercessory prayer and watch how God answers the prayers of a mother’s heart!

Do you pray for your children’s protection? Have you seen God protect them as a result of your prayers? Do you pray for the protection of this generation? Oh, how they need it! PLEASE DO!

Yesterday, I was honored that some of you left your children’s names and the names of other children for me to pray over. Please know that I count it such an honor that you allowed me to do that! Please know that I did…and will continue to do so this week! Let me know if you want me to join you in prayer for your children’s protection. It would be my privilege!


  1. Anonymous says:

    So good once again…..Thank you, Stephaie!!please be in prayer for our neighbor kids (Savannah, Dylan, & Briana) they are at our house quite a bit and they roam the neighborhood for hours. (They are 10 and under) A lot more to the family situation, but they need prayer, along with the parents, 2 older brothers and a baby sister. Thanks sweet, friend! Blessings, Julie H

  2. One of the most important thing for the church and Christians to do today is focus more attention on children. Jesus did, and what a model! Good post. wb

  3. Oh, my, yes! This is so important, especially in these days. My three always need prayer! Thanks for the great post! Bless you!

  4. Julie ~ Thanks for joining me in this journey in pursuit of becoming mommas who sincerely, specifically and consistently pray for our children…and for the children growing up in this generation.

    I count it an honor to join you in prayer for your neighbor's kids and that family. Looking forward to hearing about how the Lord works in their lives! :-)

  5. Warren ~ I agree with you about our need to focus more attention of the children. Not just the younger ones, but my heart hurts for the ones that fall through the black hole of the church…that age when they are no longer in high school and the church loses them to the world.

    Praying for them all!

  6. Lynn ~ We are two mommas linked in prayer for our children! So honored to join you in prayer for yours!

    By the way, I hope your birthday was awesome! :-)

  7. thanks for this reminder! praying , praying, praying …thankful for you!

  8. Stephanie, I'd like to add my children Heather, Lauren, Josh, Brandy, and Courtney and their spouses. They are all grown and going through peaks and valleys of their own! Thank you for all you do for us through our Lord Juesus Christ. ~Hugs~

  9. Marci ~ Praying with you!

  10. Kelly ~ Thanks so much for the honor of praying with you for your children! From one momma to another I know how our hearts long to see our kids walk in the truth!

  11. Please pray for my adult “child”, Nicholas, who is an alcoholic. Half the time, we don't even know where he is. I pray for him constantly. He still goes to church and has a deep faith, but gets discouraged easily.

    Thank you so much -

  12. Janet,
    I just wanted to be sure to let you know I'm praying for Nicholas! I know your momma's heart hurts for your son, but I know that God is able to speak to his heart and bring healing and restoration to Nicholas!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Please Pray for Protection for my son, Brandon! He's trying to turn his life around, trying to make a difference and do the right thing and is under attack by the enemy. Thank you for your prayers!

  14. Anonymous,
    Praying for your son, Brandon now. Would you like me to add him to the list?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Yes, please add Brandon to your prayer list. I'm praying for a BREAKTHROUGH. Thank you and God Bless!

  16. add my daughter she is 15, this is great

  17. Magali says:


  18. christal says:

    Please pray for my sin Zak Opry. Please pray for protection for him for Gods word to speak loudly to him and for pure joy in his life. God bless you!!

  19. christal says:

    Please pray for protection for my son Zak Opry. Please pray for baptism for him and for pure joy in his life. Please pray that God would shield him from any danger mentally or physically. I love this child so much. From a moms heart I appreciate prayers for him so very much. God bless you

  20. Dear Stephanie,
    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful prayers. I came upon your website after searching for a protection prayer for my precious son Anthony. I have so many fears that something will happen to him. I ask for your support and prayers that Jesus will protect him from evil enemies. I ask for prayers that I can have a stronger faith in God”s protection.

    • Praying with you for your son, Kelly! Being a parent of adult children is much more difficult than being a parent of a young child! But we have to remember that God loves them much more than we do. Praying!

  21. Leila ibrahim and lucid says:

    Please pray for the protection of my family to always go in the right path and not to be influenced by bad people

  22. Lucia leila and ibrahim says:

    Comment: read the scriptures and thats exactly right if we don’t follow that path who are we? We are nothing without the almighty father up above and prayers are the way forward and only solution thank you Stephanie short I really enjoyed reading it.
    Please pray for the protection of my whole family and keep us safe from harm and evil forces thank you very much

    • Thank you for the honor of praying for you and your family. I’m SO glad that the same God who created us, loves us so much that He gave His Son for us so that we might not only know He exists and that He loves us, but that He also desires to have relationship with Him. He is SO amazing! Praying for you now.

  23. Thank you for this. Want to ask you to pray for me and my precious two yr old son brayden. Our home life is not going well and I feel the abuse that’s done to me is affecting him thank u in advance for this.

    • Praying with you and for you and for Brayden. If you’re being physically abused, it’s important for you to go to the authorities to protect yourself and your children. Praying!

  24. Please Pray for the protection and healing of my 8yr daughter. She has adrenal insuficancy now for 3 yrs and it’s been hard on our family. Praying my 2 children are protected with good health and happiness. Thank you

  25. My daughters name is Jelena 8yrs and my son Marko 5yr thank you

  26. please pray for my niece and nephew missy and clinton and ashley for delivery from drugs and alcohol and pray to give their mother strength to intercede for them i know god is able thanks you and god bless

    • Praying for Missy, Clinton and Ashley to be delivered by the Deliverer! He is mighty to save and there is nothing too difficult for Him!

  27. Please add my 18 yr old daughter Gabby to hour prayer list.

    From one praying mom to another :-).

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