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 “Her passion for the Lord and love for His people shine through everything she says and does! Her sound biblical teaching resonated with our women. She had us both laughing and crying. She challenged us to move forward in our faith. We would have Stephanie come back any time!” Kathy Howard/Author and Speaker, Ministry Director – Midland, Texas

Event coordinators and media outlets call on Stephanie to speak at:

  • Women’s conferences
  • Retreats, seminars and luncheons
  • Radio and television interviews
  • Moms and MOPS events
  • Pro-life events and adoption events
  • Missions events
  • Homeschool conferences

Retreat and Conference Talks ~

FLOURISH ~ Discover the beauty and wonder of embracing an abundant, brave, and radical life overflowing with FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE

Based on 1 Corinthians 13:13 and John 10:10, this encouraging and inspiring keynote or 3 session retreat talk helps women embrace the abundant life Jesus died to give them. Uniquely created for women’s ministry leaders who long to ignite community, faith, hope, and love in the lives of the women at their churches.

This conference keynote or 3 session retreat talk will help women to:

  • Embrace a newfound faith, re-ignite a faith that was once wounded, and learn the power and beauty of what life looks like when we walk by faith.
  • Abound in hope, even when life is hard.
  • Discover what it means to love and live well and how love literally changes everything.

BETTER TOGETHER ~ Because we are all better together

BETTER TOGETHER is an exciting life-changing conference for women of all ages and stages. During a church-hosted BETTER TOGETHER Conference, Stephanie and 2 other speakers come together to offer your church 3 keynotes and 9 workshops. During a BETTER TOGETHER Conference, you can expect each message to speak to every woman’s heart… not matter her age or her season of life.

Workshops are designed to focus on 5 specific areas of a woman’s life:

  • Her heart and life
  • Her marriage
  • Her mom journey
  • Her call as a leader
  • Her friendships

Sample keynotes:

  • Better Together
  • Broken No More
  • Invisible Wounds
  • Come Away and Rest
  • Brave
  • Plan A Woman in a Plan B World

Sample Workshops:

  • PRAY (a woman’s heart)
  • Thrive, Don’t Just Survive (a woman’s heart & life)
  • The Making of a Marriage (marriage)
  • The Making of a Mom (mom journey)
  • Finding Balance (a woman’s heart & life)
  • Practicing Hospitality (a woman’s heart & life)
  • When God Is Silent (a woman’s heart & life)
  • Navigating Friendships (friendships)
  • Leading to Leave a Legacy (leadership)

To find out more about hosting a BETTER TOGETHER Conference, click this link.


This keynote is for every woman who has ever asked, Where are You, God? or Why God? or has ever just needed to once again experience a hug from Heaven that would let her know that Jesus sees her, He cares, He is with her, and He is enough.

JESUS IS ENOUGH is a keynote that will:

  • Help women find comfort and healing in Christ
  • Strengthen women for the journey (even when it’s hard)
  • Embrace the power of God’s presence
  • Press into Jesus in a fresh new way
  • Help them discover the rest and peace they so desperately need


Do you want your ladies to really get it? To really see their place on this planet, in their community, church, and home? God created us for more than casual, comfortable, convenient Christianity. We are ALL called, we are ALL gifted, we are ALL part of God’s plan to change the world! But we can’t stay stuck in status quo and reach our God-given potential, fulfill our destiny, change our world, or walk in victory over ourselves, our sins, and this world.

No More Status Quo will inspire women to embrace the grand adventure of serving the Living God and embark on the journey He has created you for and called you to!

NO MORE STATUS QUO is a keynote that will:

  • Expose our comfort zones
  • Explore our own mission field
  • Expel our fears and insecurities
  • Embrace our calling to live beyond status quo


This powerful keynote or 3 session retreat talk helps women embrace their identity and the relationships God created us for. Discover the strength and the courage to become who you were created to be. With a focus on the 3 key identities God cherishes, Stephanie will share from Scripture the beauty of being God’s friend, being God’s daughter, and being Christ’s bride.

This conference keynote or 3 session retreat talk will help women to:

  • Understand the power of being cherished as a friend of God and cherishing the friendships He has given us.
  • Discover the privilege that belongs to those who belong to Christ and have become daughters of God.
  • Treasure the thrill of being the bride of Christ and the relentless love the Lord has for those who are His.

MORE ~ Because we were created for MORE

This popular and fun conference keynote  or 3 session retreat talk takes listeners on an adventure of faith. Have you ever wanted God to show up and do MORE in your life? He is the God of MORE who not only is willing to do MORE in our lives, but He also calls us to MORE. MORE of HIM. MORE for HIM. MORE from HIM. He loves us too much to leave us where we are. He calls us to MORE.

This conference keynote or retreat talk will help you:

  • Discover a fresh and intimate relationship with God
  • Gain a renewed awareness of God’s desire to be actively involved in your life
  • Identify your calling and take practical steps to become who you were created to be
  • Really live life with an eternal perspective, with passion and purpose



Have you ever felt like God was far away? Have you ever wondered if He saw what you were going through or heard you when you prayed? Join Stephanie for this keynote or 3 session retreat talk as she shares how to identify biblical reasons why God may seem silent, how to hear Him when He speaks and how to enjoy the grand adventure of serving Him when we say yes to His still small voice.

This conference keynote or retreat talk will help you:

  • Discern God’s will in your own seasons of silence
  • Discover the joy of hearing God’s voice and listening to Him speak uniquely to you
  • Enjoy the joy of following God’s lead, the peace of knowing His presence and the thrill of saying yes to God



Discover the wonders and significance God’s GRACE in your life in a deeper, personal, and more powerful way. Join Stephanie as she helps women embrace grace in a fresh new way. Grace is so much more than you may think it is and every woman is in desperate need of what God’s grace gives, even if they don’t realize it.

This conference keynote or retreat talk will help you:

  • Embrace a deeper understanding of the beauty and power of grace
  • Enjoy the grace of getting to do this journey with girlfriends in Christ
  • Find the grace and peace needed to walk through any and all circumstances
  • Live your life on purpose and for a purpose and make your journey count


BROKEN NO MORE (Includes Stephanie’s Testimony)

We’re just broken people, with broken lives in a broken world! Sounds good. Even true. But it’s not exactly biblical. Broken is who we were. Complete in Christ is who we are now.

Discover the freedom and joy that comes with walking in your identity in Christ…no longer held captive to who you were, but thriving in the reality of who you are. You may have been broken by your experience, but you are healed by your new identity in Christ. Join Stephanie as she shares her own testimony of sexual abuse and brokenness, and gives you the biblical truths that will empower you to live a free and fearless life knowing that you are broken no more.

This conference keynote will help you:

  • Enjoy a new and deep understanding of your identity in Christ and how to live out who you are
  • Be set free from pain of your past and the thoughts that have held you captive to who you were
  • Define your identity by who you are in Christ 
  • Gain the confidence and courage that comes with knowing who you are



Are you becoming the mom you’ve always wanted to be? “Mom” is not just a title, it’s an opportunity to leave a legacy of godly character and define our children’s moral compass. Discover how to evaluate your role as a mother in light of Scripture and challenge yourself to make a consistent eternal difference in the lives of your children. Encouraging and challenging message for Mother’s Day events.

This conference keynote will help you:

  • Discover how to parent with purpose rather than react to the behavior of the moment
  • Identify key character traits you long to see in your children and implement them into your parenting skills
  • Overcome anger and become the parent God created you to be
  • Find joy in the journey with your children
  • Take control of the parent you are to be the parent your children need and deserve


Have you ever said something you wish you could take back? Have you ever been the recipient of someone else’s slip up? Let’s face it…taming the tongue is hard business. This fun yet serious session may just have you laughing and crying at the same time. Join Stephanie as she shares a few of her own slips of the tongue and discover how to carefully and intentionally speak life into the lives of others.

This conference keynote will help you:

  • Laugh…a lot!
  • Discover the value of intentional talk
  • Gain power over your tongue by implementing some biblical principles
  • Identify those trigger points that send you over the edge and make you say things you wish you wouldn’t

SET FREE AND FORGIVEN! (Stephanie’s Testimony)

Powerful keynote in which Stephanie shares her testimony of a decade of child abuse and encourages women to let God make beauty out of their own ashes. A captivating message that focuses on the love and grace of God while giving hope to hurting hearts and helping women find healing from a painful past. We may never be able to rip out the pages of our painful past, but we can learn how to turn the page and begin a new chapter in our life by the grace of God.

This conference keynote will help you:

  • Allow God to set you free from your past and the shame that seeks to define you
  • Discover hope for your hurting heart
  • Embrace the forgiveness and healing that is yours in Christ
  • Find comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone and other sisters have experienced victory in Christ over horrific events



In every circumstance, through every trial, in every valley and every mountain top, God is not only everything we need, He is all we need. This keynote is a powerful presentation of the biblical link between God’s names and our needs. He is a gracious God who graces us with who He is to meet us where we are so that we might know Him more! Oh, to know Him more!

This conference keynote will help you:

  • Discover a whole new dynamic in your relationship with God
  • Gain a new perspective for the names of God and how they relate to you
  • Bask in the beauty of knowing God more
  • Embrace knowing the God of the Bible as who He reveals Himself to be



What if your ordinary life could become extraordinary? We come in all colors, shapes and sizes – we are not cookie cutter women. One size does not fit all! We have different backgrounds, desires, dreams, personalities, perspectives, plans and pains. We are women who are uniquely created by a Loving God Who delights in our differences, yet has chosen to weave the same thread of the human heart in each of us. We are His Divine designs. Fashioned by the Great I Am for His own glory. This keynote or retreat theme will remind you that you are carefully crafted by the Creator of the universe. He sees you, He loves you and He has a plan for your life that is better than anything you can imagine.

This conference keynote will help you:

  • See yourself as God’s masterpiece ~ a Divine design
  • Embrace that truth that even those who are hard to get along with are also a Divine design
  • Overcome feelings of inferiority and insecurity
  • Better understand and live out your own giftedness and God’s unique calling on your life

Leadership and Ministry Talks ~


Throughout Scripture and throughout history, the greatest leaders have been those who have deemed the call to something greater than themselves much more significant than any position they might attain. So much hinges on good, godly, wise and humble leadership. But leadership comes with a multitude of challenges and choices and leading a ministry is very different than corporation. Hear Stephanie share five key ingredients to successful leadership that will help your ministry team thrive, not just survive. Included in her conference are the secrets to building a strong and amazing team.

This conference keynote or workshop will help you:

  • Identify your leadership teams strengths, weaknesses and needs
  • Learn how to surround yourself with those who are strong in areas where you are weak
  • Turn your vision into a viable reality 
  • Create a culture of inclusiveness in your ministry and on your ministry team and help those you lead discover who they were created to be in the process


Prolife, Adoption and Crisis Pregnancy Center Events ~


Because Stephanie was a result of a horrific rape, she travels to tell others that she is the one percent that lawmakers are trying to make an exception for. With passion and conviction, Stephanie shares not only why each life is worth saving, but why the abortion industry won’t tell you about what happens to the heart of the one who chooses abortion…the guilt and the shame those precious women experience on top of the painful tragedy of being raped.



Stephanie shares her powerful story of adoption. After being conceived as the result of a brutal rape, Stephanie’s quest to find her birthmother took her on a journey that would lead her to a friendship she never expected. Her story of adoption, her decade of sexual abuse, her years of wandering in the wilderness of her own foolish choices and her reunion with her birth mom is both gripping and encouraging. Her story has inspired others to adopt and to be willing to place their children up for adoption knowing that God weaves together everything for good.


Mission Ministries and Ministry Events ~


As you have heard before, the Great Commission is not the Great Suggestion. It is God’s call to all. A challenging message to the body of Christ to see themselves as missionaries and look around in their own community for practical opportunities to make an eternal difference right where they are. This is a great opportunity to get a detailed look at how each believer and each church can be missionaries in thier own Jerusalem and Judea, and how they can strategically, effectively and personally have a hands-on approach to aiding foreign missionaries reach their Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth.


How can I know if God is calling me to the mission field? How can I spiritually and emotionally prepare myself to become a missionary? What can I expect; what will I go through when I get there? For those who may possibly be sensing that God is calling you to a foreign field, this lesson will help you be prepared for the approaching uncertainties that are certain to come.


Christmas Events ~


To gift or not to regift…that is the question! This fun Christmas keynote puts a biblical twist and challenging spin on the idea of regifting. You’ll never look at regifting the same!




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