How Do You Spell “Mothers”

When I think about all the things a mother is and a mother does, I couldn’t help but laugh. We are multi-talented, multi-tasking mavens! So I thought I’d have a little fun today and work out an acrostic of the word ‘mothers’ and see how many descriptions we can up with.

Your job is to help me come up with more than what I do. (PLEASE NOTE: You are about to see words that Webster never heard of) 🙂

Mmanager of the home, manager of time, manager of schedules, manager of events, money manager, maid, matriarch, multi-tasker, M.D.(I’d say nurse, but “n” isn’t one of the letters, medicine-giver, mercy-giver, marketer, menu maker, meal maker, mediator, mender of clothes, mind-shaper, mailbox checker, marriage counselor

OOrganizer of the home, organizer of events, operator of small appliances, optimist, order of needs, object finder, oddjob doer, odor eliminator, office worker, official official :-), opinion giver, ouch healer, outfit coordinator, outing coordinator, movie monitor, overlooker of embarrassing mistakes

T Teacher, table designer, table setter, tradition setter, tale teller, trainer of life lessons, trial facer, trend setter, time manager, turn taking administrator, trip planner, trash taker outer, tamer of animals, test taker, taste tester, team helper, tear kisser, tummy rubber,teddy-bear holder, tooth fairy, telephone restricter, tender to needs, typer of notes, temper harnesser, taxi driver, thankfulness imparter, thorn remover, throat soother, thrifty shopper, towel folder, throw-up cleaner-upper, toenail clipperer, toilet trainer, toilet cleaner

HHelper of ALL things, hunger satisfier, heart mender, hamper emptier, hand holder, happiness maker, hope encourager, habit maker and breaker, hearer of hearts, hanger-up of clothes, haggler of deals, hair stylist, harmony maker, household director, heartwarmer, healthcare worker, heritage maker, holiday planner, holiness trainer, homemaker, honor teacher, hormone defuser

EEgo builder, ego deflater, encourager, eagerness initiator, egg scrambler, ear canal cleaner, eavesdropping professional, early morning riser, educational guru, economic instructor, editor of homework, effectual prayer warrior, effort expector, elbow-grease instructor, emergency room frequent flier, emotion soother, emphasis clarifier, employment counselor, enforcer of rules,engrafter of God’s Word on children’s heart, etertainer, entertainment inspector

Rrule breaker, rule maker, repairer of broken hearts, dreams and toys, ragdoll lover, raider of drawers, rambler of stories and of the town, rapid response specialist, rationalist, reading teacher, reaction therapist, reality checker, rebuking specialist, reconciler, rehabilitation partner, relative connector, reliable, rememberer of location of all lost toys, rescuer of wandering younguns, routine maker, rumor squelcher

Ssabotager of mischief, soother of hearts, security blankets, settler of fears, sack lunch maker, secret keeper, saga stoppers, sanity keepers, servant, sandwich maker, sunscreen applicator, smile maker, silliness applauder, scalp cleaner, scapegoat for kids mistakes, school helper, scolder, sorter of details, scratcher of backs, scrubber of sinks and clothes, searcher of all things missing, season celebrator, seed planter of morals, self-esteem builders, strong-will breakers, separator of fights, sex-ed teachers, shampooer of hair, sharer of life, shiner of shoes, shirt ironer, shopper, shoulder of love to lean on

Well, I had fun thinking about all we do as moms and then making up words to match. How about you? What words would you add to describe what we are as “MOTHERS?” Don’t be shy and don’t worry about if you’re making up a word or not. I obviously didn’t!(Can’t wait to see what you add to the list!) 🙂

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