Will You Intervene?

“And He saw that there was no man and wondered that there was no intercessor [no one to intervene on behalf of truth and right]; therefore His own arm brought Him victory, and His own righteousness [having the Spirit without measure] sustained Him” Isaiah 59:16 (Amplified)

Have you ever looked around at those who are hurting, those who have walked through valleys of pain and are held captive by their circumstances. The sick, the poor, the lonely, the abandoned, the wounded, weary and wayward. These people whose hearts silently cry for help while we walk past them as if they are invisible.

Have you ever considered lending a helping hand or a listening ear? Should we really be content with our meager attempts to throw a few dollars at a few causes and feel as though we’ve done our part’?

In Isaiah 59:16, God was looking for those who would do more than merely throw a few dollars at their dilemmas. He was looking for people who would intervene…who would stand in the gap on behalf of truth and right. To become involved, to make a difference, to truly care.

Today, the Lord clearly took me to this verse where He reminded me of what He has called me to. It’s really no different than what He has called you to. To make a difference. To impact this generation with the love of Christ in the sphere of influence He has given us. It may flesh out in different arenas of life and in different ways, but the church is called to be light and salt; to love the unloveable; to minister grace to the hurting; to feed the poor, clothe the naked and give a cup of cold water to the thirsty.

As I’m preparing for what I know God has called me to, I’m ever mindful that I fall so short of being who God created me to be. But I want to fulfill every good work He has predestined that I walk in ~ not just by speaking truth into the lives of others ~ not just by writing books and articles that point people to Christ, but by being the hands and feet that reveal the heart of God for those in need.

When we were on the mission field, we had a saying. “You have to earn a listening ear.” I know that if I want people to listen to what I say, I must first be what I say I am. I must first show the love of Christ, not just talk about it. I must be willing to roll up my sleeves, get my hands dirty and do more than just ‘talk’ about how wonderful Christ is…I must show them. I must be a living epistle.

What about you? Are you actively involved in living out your faith by ministering to the lives of others? Are you willing to intercede on behalf of those in need?

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  1. What a challenge…and one that I'm faced with at this very moment.
    A couple that used to be members at our church continually fall on hard times. So many have faithfully helped them out.
    My husband has even employed the husband but I think that more of a hand out was expected than actually having to work for it.
    We came across this couple again last night and they're in the same “place” in their lives.
    I want a right heart and attitude about helping them again. I know what my mind is screaming, but its contrary to what my husband is saying.

    This is a tough place. We haven't made any decisions on how or even if to help them.

  2. Kela ~ you brought up a really good point. How are we supposed to respond when the people we help really refuse to help themselves?

    I don't think there are any one-size-fits-all answers, but I know God delights in doing His will through us. So, I will be praying God will show you how to respond to those you are trying to help.

    Sometimes help comes in the form of lovingly confronting them with the truth. That's never easy. Other times, God shows us to step in and help in a tangible way. What ever He leads you to do, please know that I'm praying for you and I know the Lord will give you clear direction.

  3. Oh, Steph, this was excellent! I once used the same photo. Speaks volumes, doesn't it? This scripture has also been in the back of my mind lately. As I am stuck in the house with fibro, the only way I can minister to others is by doing what God has called me to do at the moment…reaching out to others with His Word through me. You are a true blessing! Love you!

  4. Lynn,
    You are such a beautiful woman! I know we are all sometimes limited by our circumstances at times and I'm so thankful God has opened up other avenues of ministry for those who hard physically or otherwise hindered by something they are going through.

    Your ministry is equally important as those who serve in soup kitchens. You minister through cyberspace to people throughout the globe…most of whom you'll never meet. Your words are speaking hope and life into their own lives and I'm so thankful I'm one of the beneficiaries of your calling!

    I love you, my sister and am thankful we're not only family, but friends, as well.

  5. “Should we really be content with our meager attempts to throw a few dollars at a few causes and feel as though we've done our part'?”

    How interesting it is that God has been speaking to me about this exact same thing. And even today in my time in His Word, He spoke so clearly the exact same message to me from a different passage of scripture. I wrote down in my journal today, “People need a hand, not a handout.”
    May He use us both and many more as His hands and feet!
    Blessings to you,

  6. Karyn,
    Don't you just love when God is working in similar ways throughout the body of Christ!

    I like that statement, “People need a hand, not a handout.” Such a fine line between the two, but I think it takes a lot more work to give them a hand than it does to just give them a handout.

    Great lesson in that sister!

    Wish you lived closed, we need to do lunch! 🙂

  7. Wouldn't THAT be fun! Sometime whenever you are in the DFW area we will. I'm right by the airport. 🙂

  8. Awesome message, Stephanie! Pray this stirs hearts to move their hands and feet into action.

    The Lord calls us not only to feel compassion and love for the less fortunate but to DO SOMETHING about it! We are His church and we should be on the forefront of social activism and providing for the needy, not relying on the 'government' to care for them.

    I pray this is just the beginning a of might movement of His saints leading the way in reaching out and showing His Love in action!

  9. Hi Rose ~
    Sounds like we're all on the same page and the Lord is stirring His people to do more than talk about making a difference. I can't wait to dig in with something He has placed strongly on my heart!
    Go God!!

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