Mommy Missions

I’m often amazed that God allows me the privilege of serving alongside women who truly inspire me! He did that when He put me with the Scripture Dig team and now, He’s done it again. He has given me the tremendous opportunity to be part of a unique and much needed ministry, called Mommy Missions.

Mommy Missions was birthed in the heart of Tara McClenahan who has been serving moms throughout the world as a Mommy Mentor at ibloom. Tara’s focus is helping Christian moms have an impact on their children’s spiritual development by being a Godly example and nurturing them as God gives us guidance in His Word.

If you’re a mom on a mission to see your children grow and know God, Mommy Missions is for you! As a mom of two adult children and a veteran homeschool mom of eleven years, I can testify to countless hours researching resources and seeking out suitable material to intentionally train my children. Whether you’re a homeschool mom or not, you’ve probably done the same.

No matter where you are on you ‘mommy’ journey, Mommy Missions has something for you!

Connect and grow with other mommies at Mommy Missions.

A little something about Tara:

Tara McClenahan is The Christian Mommy Mentor and writer associated with iBloom and is the honored & humble mommy to “Little Man”. Tara’s program, Mommy Missions ( is causing a lot of buzz in the Christian mom world! Mommy Missions is designed to help busy yet determined moms to intentionally nurture the spiritual development of their children in little ways every day.

Tara’s writings and teachings have been featured on iBloom, Heart of the Matter, Seeds of Faith, Cindy Rushton’s Time for Tea, the Ultimate Women’s Expo and the Ultimate Homeschool Expo. She can be reached at



  1. Great opportunity for you, Steph, and I know you will add much to the mission of “Mommying” 😉

  2. Thanks Julie ~ You are always so encouraging! I wish we could hang out over coffee and the Word! 🙂

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