Philippians – Working Together

Happy Monday, ladies! I hope you had a great weekend! I crashed on Saturday. I think I’ve been living my life in fifth gear for so long, my motor burned up!

When my hubby and I were in Costa Rica, we were robbed by some guys who had sprayed ether on us and knocked us out. I told Donald I felt like I had been ethered again! 🙂

Praise the Lord, I’m feeling almost normal again!

Well, sweet friends, we’re closing in on the finish line of our study of Philippians. I can’t help but wonder where this study has found you. Has anything we’ve studied together spoken directly to your life, changed you, challenged you, strengthened your faith or encouraged your heart?

It’s been an adventure for this little southern girl who thought she was just going to bask in some serious joy but found out that Philippians is so much more than the book of joy!

How about you?

Today, we’re going to take a look at a tale of two women who had a hard time getting along. Working together has a way of bringing out the best and the worst of us all – but I sure would hate to have my name etched in the Word of the Living God for all eternity as a little reminder to behave myself. Wouldn’t you?

Take a look at how the Amplified gives clarity to our text for today:

“I entreat and advise Euodia and I entreat and advise Syntyche to agree and to work in harmony in the Lord. And I exhort you too, [my] genuine yokefellow, help these [two women to keep on cooperating], for they have toiled along with me in [the spreading of] the good news (the Gospel), as have Clement and the rest of my fellow workers whose names are in the Book of Life.” Philippians 4:2-3

Euodia and Synthyche had obviously toiled together in the work of the ministry. Hand in hand and heart to heart, they were trying to impact their generation for Christ. They were women on a mission who were passionate about spreading the Gospel.

Does that sound like anyone you know? Perhaps you and your BFF are blazing a missional trail of your own.

Differences become drawbacks and weary women can become contentious when the flesh has its way. It happens all the time. People who spend a lot of time together are bound to face challenges. Temperaments are as different as ideas, plans and methods.

But, sweet friends, we’re all on the same team. We all have the same Coach, with the same ultimate purpose. Our petty squabbles and major arguments are only counterproductive.

I remember when I played softball for the city league. There was another girl that could play second base almost as good as me. 🙂 Actually, she played just as good as I did, but when the coach wanted to put me on third so she could play second, I always got mad and I wasn’t very nice to her at all.

We’d fuss and fight, rather than encourage each other and cheer each other on.

Pretty pitiful. Ridiculously immature. Completely counterproductive. Very ungodly.

I wasn’t saved at the time, so I didn’t have the Spirit of God to convict me. But it was still an ugly sight.

So is the body of Christ when we fight over who’s doing and not doing what. It’s counterproductive when we’re jealous of the other’s success or when we secretly try to manipulate circumstances or when we argue over methodology or preferences. When the color of the carpet can cause a church split, it’s obvious the root system is shallow.

Today, our questions are meant to make each of us evaluate our own hearts as well as our circumstances.

1. Have there been any silly disputes in your church that have been brought on by ridiculous reasons lately?

2. Do you need to get anything right with a sister in Christ right now?

Is it really worth compromising the effectiveness of your testimony? Is it worth losing the opportunities God wants to put before you? Do you really want your legacy to be a tale of two divisive women?

There’s no time like the present to get things right! You need to do it for yourself. You need to do it for her. You need to do it for the body of Christ.

Today’s lesson is just about getting along while we’re working together. We’ve got a world to reach, sweet friend! No time for petty squabbles.

Will you get it right today? Will you ask for forgiveness today? Will you forgive today? Will you get over yourself today?

You’ll have an eternity to be glad you did!

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© Stephanie Shott, 2011

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