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Well, sweet friends, here I am again loving how Jesus connects God’s girls and expands our ministry borders! Today, I’d love for you to meet Christie Love and find out more about her ministry, LeadHer.
Y’all know how much I love to minister to the hearts of women and I love it when I meet someone whose heart beats with the same passion. That’s why I had to introduce you to Christie Love.
I met her through Facebook (surprise, surprise! :-)) and instantly loved her heart and vision! She’s trying to minister to women in a huge way! She’s a world changer and I love that! She’s a visionary and her heart for others is contagious!
This past week I had the privilege of being a guest on Leadher‘s radio show! Christie and cohost, Trina Wilcox, were such a blessing and I loved the opportunity to talk to them.
While you’re over there, please be sure to read the LeadHer Story!

We all need other women in our lives and LeadHer is on a mission to develop LeadHer Chapters in every community possible with the following purposes at the heart of LeadHer…

1.  To unite women in communities so that they could come together to form relationships that would support and sustain them through the ups and downs of all stages of life.
2.  To help women see the power and purpose that each of them possess to make a difference in the world around them.
3.  To encourage and equip women to begin to develop their influence so that they are intentionally making a deeper impact on the world around them for Christ.

Community Coordinators are an important aspect to this beautiful ministry and are valued greatly by LeadHer. Click here and check out the benefits that come with being a coordinator! You may just find the Lord tugging at your heart to become a coordinator in your community!
You girls know how much I love to see women fulfill their God-given destinies and how crazy excited I get when women are trying to turn the world upside down for Christ, so I just had to introduce you to Christie! 
Y’all check her ministry site out and leave some comment love! Let her know as a woman you appreciate her heart to minister to women…and remember…we’re in this together…we’re all on the same team trying to make an eternal difference for Christ! Let’s be encouraged by Christie’s vision and let’s lock hearts and hands and change the world girls!


  1. This is super exciting!!

  2. Hi Hannah!
    So glad you popped in! I know you're going to love seeing what the Lord does through Lead Her. Christie is amazing and very passionate about this ministry.

  3. Thanks Stephanie, I'm really interested in it and hoping to get on one of the info calls to check it out and see if it's something I might be able/qualified to get involved with. I so enjoy reading your posts and I'm thankful for your example of the fact that God and our Lord Jesus love us unconditionally and that we are righteous in their eyes.

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