Teach Them How to Give

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“I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35
Giving is at the heart of every Christmas celebration. God gave His only begotten Son so that we could have eternal life.
It’s how this whole thing got started.
But in our attempts to give to others, we often create a monster of sorts. We know it is definitely more blessed to give than to receive, but if we are not careful, we may be teaching our children the polar opposite…It’s better to receive than to give.
It’s important to remember the Acts 20:35 reminder of Jesus’ words, “It’s better to give than to receive” is just on the heels of Paul sharing how his labor of love was a demonstration of their call as Christians to minister to the weak.
Allow this Christmas to be an opportunity to teach your children that it is truly better to give than to receive by supporting the weak.

Let them do some chores around the house for an allowance and then take them shopping to buy something for those who can’t buy for themselves.

Perhaps a child in your church is in need. Maybe a family in the neighborhood could use a little help this Christmas. You may have a coworker or a friend who is struggling or who knows someone else who is having a hard time.
If not, there are homeless shelters, women’s shelters, homes for unwed mothers, children’s homes and homeless people walking the streets everywhere you look.

Teach your children to give and they will begin to understand that it is truly better to give than to receive.

How do you teach your children to give? 


  1. We try to encourage our kids to give by doing several projects in Dec., including providing Christmas for a needy family, providing gift bags for our sr. citizens, etc. Good article, and very timely.

  2. Warren ~ What wonderful advice about keeping them busy with more than just one or two projects during Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the post. My oldest daughter has taught her children this concept by letting them actually pick something out for someone else and allotting them a certain amount of money to do it with. Teaches them the value of a dollar but most importantly teaches them the gift of giving. My middle daughter started this last year with her daughter which was 3 at the time. We can never start them too young when it comes to teaching them about doing for others. God came to serve us…oh how we should serve others.

  4. Cindy ~ I LOVE that your daughters are already teaching their little ones to give as such a young age. I think the younger you start the better!

    Can't wait to meet you in real life tomorrow night! 🙂

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