Isaiah for the Heart ~ Feels Like Forever


“But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Waiting is hard. And I confess I don’t typically wait well.

We wait for traffic lights, grocery store lines, doctors’ appointments, husbands, children, friends, movies to come out, dreams to come true, doors to open, family members to come to know Christ, a prodigal to come home, a friend to be healed, and a host of other things that range from the monotonous to the monumental.

Some are just inconveniences. Others are significant.

It all feels like forever.

But waiting is part of life. Unfortunately, we look at it as time we spend while we are waiting for something to happen. But what we call the wait, God calls a necessary part of our journey.

So, today, I just wanted to encourage you with a word from the Word and remind you that God sees what you’re going through. He knows what you’re waiting for. But He also wants you to use what you call the wait as a time of diligent preparation…a time when you trust the Lord to be who He says He is and do what He says He will do.

It’s time to stop waiting sweet friend…and it’s time to get busy working hard for what your waiting for.

Waiting for a dream to come true? Then start sharpening your skills and laying the foundation of your dream.

Waiting for a prodigal to come home or a loved one to come to Christ? Then pray like crazy. Look for ways to share the Word with them. Ask the Lord to give you an opportunity to share Jesus with them. Love them well so they see Jesus in you.

Waiting for God to send you a husband? Then start enjoying your relationship with God more. Delight yourself in Him. Start working on being the best YOU you can be and don’t settle for anything less than God wants for you. Stop dating men just because you’re lonely. Quit trying them out like they’re hats…and if one doesn’t work, you’ll try another. Pray God sends you HIS man and make sure the man you do spend time with is ‘good husband’ material and not just someone that will help you stop feeling lonely.

Waiting for God to make your hubby a better man? Then realize you can’t change him. Be sure you focus on your walk with God. Regardless of whether he changes or not, you still will stand before Jesus one day, so make Jesus the love of your life and pray like crazy for your man.

We are all waiting for something…but remember….what we call the wait, God calls a necessary part of the journey.

And it’s not really forever, is it!? 🙂

Below is a short video that I hope will encourage you as you WAIT UPON THE LORD! After you watch the video, please share WHAT IT IS THAT YOU ARE WAITING FOR. DOES IT HELP TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT’S NOT FOREVER AND THAT IT REALLY IS A NECESSARY PART OF THE JOURNEY? (If you can’t view the video in your reader, please click here)

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Does it feel like forever?


  1. Love this, Stephanie! And so loved the video. You are so sweet. Love your heart for Christ!!

    Big hugs and lots of love, sweet sister-in-Christ!

  2. Love this and love you Stephanie! So on point and a much needed reminder. I wrote a post long time ago titled: Weary in the Wait. It’s also in my current book I’m working on. I think waiting is very hard for most of us. It depends on what we’re waiting on/for and why? But what God had to teach me along my walk with Him is that it’s not how long I wait, it’s how I wait and it definitely made the difference.

    Love you girl! So thankful I get to feed from your blog today.

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