Women’s Ministries ~ How to Plan an Event Well ~ PLUS DOWNLOAD LINK TO EXTENSIVE PLANNING GUIDE


Hey sweet friends! Just a note to let you know how super special you are to me! I ADORE each of you!

For years, God has called me to minister to women and I LOVE doing so…and I absolutely LOVE to see women’s ministries thriving in the local church.

So, for the next 3 posts, I will continue this 4 part series on women’s ministries.

Just recently I was speaking at a women’s retreat that was an amazing display of how God’s love flows through His people! When the retreat was almost over, I began scanning the room ~ my eyes landing one each and every women at that event. It really was such a beautiful thing.

Those precious ladies were laughing together. Crying together. Praying together. Worshipping together. And playing together. 

That doesn’t happen when we’re rushing in and out of church on a Sunday morning. There are times when we need to get away and get together to be refreshed and refueled.

Oh, how I love to see women loving on Jesus and loving on each other like that!

After being involved in women’s ministries for over 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of organizing a lot of events. The beauty of it all is that no matter how worried I was that things wouldn’t fall into place, they always did. And if you’ve been in women’s ministry for any length of time you know that it is definitely a God thing!

But God calls us to lead well. To surround ourselves with those who are skilled in areas we are not. He calls us to raise up others and invite them to become who they were created to be by participating in the process. And we’ll talk more about how to organize a women’s ministry in your church next week.

But today, I just wanted to provide you with a simple list of 17 things to consider when organizing an event. It also has a budget sheet that will enable you to figure out what to charge so you can pay for your own event and/or keep expenses down to a minimum.

Click the link below to download your own free copy of A Planning Guide for Event Planners and let me know if it is helpful when you plan your next event!

Oh…and if you are in need of a speaker, I’m booking events for the second part of this year and I would be honored to speak at your next event. You can click here to see my list of topics.


CLICK HERE to download your FREE Planning Guide for Event Planners today!


20 Planning Considerations for a Successful Event

Event Check List (Detailed)

Event Budget Sheet

Event Check List (Concise)


  1. Thank you very much for the great, usable information on getting an event organized!

    • Thanks so much Shelly! Every year, I realized I forgot something, so I had to have something that would remind me of everything I needed to think of. There are surely more, but this covers the basics.

      Glad it was helpful! 🙂

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