Women’s Ministries ~ How to Organize Yours

Women’s ministries come in all sizes, shapes and colors. There may be some similarities, but no two are the same.

The dynamic and demographics of each local body is different.

Just as most churches take on the personality of  the pastor, most women’s ministries do the same.

There are different leadership styles, different cultural settings, different denominational considerations, different needs, different giftedness and skills within the body, different goals and just a ton of other differences.

But common threads are found in the fabric of every thriving women’s ministry.

Threads you need to be sure you have if you are going to see your own women’s ministry thrive and not just survive.

If you’re starting a women’s ministry or are involved in one now, be sure your ministry includes:

1. A prayer team ~ Nothing happens of any value apart from the leading of God, so a prayer team is really essential. One who not only prays for direction, and one that not only prays for an upcoming event, and one who not only prays for the church staff, but a team that prays for the women consistently.

2. A ministry team ~ Not everyone involved in doing ministry really get ministry. It’s not about the task getting done, it’s about the people you’re ministering to…so a team of people who get that is really an important link to your women’s ministry chain. Having a group of people who can accomplish the goal doesn’t mean they are people who love the body well.

Your ministry team has to be ministry minded or they’ll find themselves frustrated at those who aren’t giving at the same level they are. Gather a group of women who really have a heart to minister to others in a completely sacrificial way for the glory of God and you’ve got the team. These are people who get voted on a women’s ministry board, but women the leader picks to surround herself with based on prayer and the leading of the Lord and recommendations from others who she trusts.

3. An inclusive serve team ~ We are all given different spiritual gifts and different natural abilities to be used for the glory of God. A thriving women’s ministry will have a team of women who are functioning in their giftedness well. Be aware of those precious women on the fringe who are never asked to do anything. They are probably starving to be part of something bigger than themselves but have never been invited. Ask them what their spiritual gifts are. If they don’t know, help them discover them. Ask them what the like doing or are good at and invite them to participate in the next event or some aspect of the ministry. Be inclusive. Be intentional. LOVE them with the love of Jesus and watch them bloom as they become part of the team. It’s a beautiful thing, sweet sister! 😉

4. Choose your leaders well ~ Leadership is key and unfortunately if you don’t choose your leadership team well, you will have some major friction going on. Good leaders lead by serving. They don’t fight for the top, the fight for the bottom and lead from the front while others see how they serve from behind. Nothing is beneath them and their hearts are to raise up those around them, not dominate them. Good leaders aren’t worried about the lime-light, they only want to shine for Jesus and help others do the same. Be sure your leadership team is grounded in humility. Choose leaders who serve well and you will discover a powerful leadership team.

5. Develop a purpose statement and filter everything through it ~ God calls us to fulfill specific things as a body of Christ. Women’s ministries are to function in their calling as well. Not every good idea is good for you and your women’s ministry. Not everything everyone else does is what you should be doing. If what others are proposing doesn’t fit into what you are called to as a ministry, then ditch it.

6. Diversify ~ A women’s ministry can’t be and do everything. Allow your small groups and Sunday School Classes to function well in some of the areas of fellowship, discipleship and ministry. Pray, plan and strategize how you can be most effective as a ministry. Don’t try to replace what the other ministries in the church are doing.

7. Be Intentionally Missional ~ Look for ways your women’s ministry can get involved in your community and make a difference beyond the four walls of the church. Spearhead events and ministries that help your church escape the Christian bubble and be the church in your community. Involve those within your church who have relationships with other associations/organizations/neighborhoods/etc… outside the church and be intentionally missional. Use Acts 1:8 as your guide and be sure you have your bases covered as a ministry…your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the end of the earth. This is your calling, sweet sister. Do it well!

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8

It’s not a comprehensive list, but if you make these all foundational to who you are as a ministry, you will be a ministry that thrives, not just survives. You will be a ministry that is making a difference not only in the four walls, but in the community and in the world.

What about you? Do you have a women’s ministry? How will you help your women’s ministry today? Does this list help


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  2. Hello

    My name is Molly Atieno, I am a Kenyan by birth and have been blessed to surf to know about your and the ministry in your church. I am a member of BOCI and also lead the Dorcas Women ministry as well as heads the orphanage called Haynesworth Orphan Sanctuary, named after sister Brenda Haynesworth living in Denver Colorado. You can have a look at our website: http://hopkenya.webs.com/

    I would love to know more about your ministries and also seek for prayers from all saints in your church. I keep praying for the better world and until Jesus return. Also share with us your teaching materials as well as what values of women roles in the church.

    Thanks and God bless you.


  3. Dear Stephanie and Molly,

    Thank you Stephanie for your beautiful post. I have learned a lot from it and I think I need to contact you and Molly because I have the same assignment as you, but I have not started mine because I don’t know how? It’s confusing. I live in New Zealand, I’m currently in the USA from where I will return to New Zealand in few days.

    I will like to talk with you so that I can receive a guide from women of God like you both please. I feel that I have delayed it for too long and I feel it’s dangerous. I will like to talk to you both by email

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