Join Women Across the Country for the 30/30 Challenge


30 MINUTES for 30 DAYS in the WORD together!  

That’s what the 30/30 Challenge is all about!

Have you ever been faithful to read the Word and spend cherished time with the Lord and then found yourself in a spiritual drought where your discipline went down the drain and you entered a season of barrenness?

Maybe it was because you your life hit a hurdle. Or perhaps your circumstances changed and life threw you for a loop. Or maybe it was just because you got so busy or lost your first love or somehow started to feel too familiar with the Lord and didn’t really treasure your time with Him like you once did.

I’m not sure where you are in your journey, but most of us have had to haul our hearts back to the altar of our First Love. Many of us have struggled with the fine line between discipline and routine. The majority of us have substituted service for relationship and found ourselves so busy that we put our relationship with God on the back burner of our hearts.

The 30/30 CHALLENGE is to help us all get back on track, begin for the first time, start fresh or continue walking through the Word. Only this is going to be a joint journey. You and I are going to link hearts and make our way through nine books of the Bible together!

Amazing what we can accomplish when we work together ~ and the joy of the journey together is PRICELESS!

When: Starting Monday, September 9th

Where: Online and in your small group

Why: Because there’s nothing like walking through the Word together

How: 2 Chapters each day (with the exception of a  few days when we will read 3 chapters)

What: Nine books of the Bible

  • EZRA
  • JUDE

Are you ready? I sure am! So get ready for September 9th and let’s DO THIS THING!

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