Where I’ve Been Lately & Why I’m Telling You

image003Hi ladies! I know you must think I’ve fallen off the map, but I’ve got my feet planted firmly and my heart seated in the heavenlies!

The Lord has been doing some amazing things and I just have to share with you that we are on the cusp of reaching this generation of moms in new and profound ways. We’re mothers on a mission to mentor other mothers and now the book that works in tandem with the ministry is coming out in just a few short weeks!

I’ve been super busy planning BETTER TOGETHER, a conference with 20 speakers & 45 workshops designed to meet every woman in every stage of life. (HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE… CLICK HERE TO REGISTER).

And I’ve been crazy busy launching my new book, The Making of a Mom

And I’ve been super crazy busy helping M.O.M. Groups launch and sharing with churches about how they can start mentoring ministries in their church and how they can make mentoring missional.

I’m asking you to help me take this missional mentoring revolution to the next level!

Today, I want to ask you to help me by doing 3 things…

  1. Please take a minute to watch the interview I had with Arthelene Rippy recently and I was able to share not only about the conference and the book, but why I’m so passionate about reaching a MILLION MOMS for Christ and how YOU can join the revolution!
  2. Above is a pic of my book with a link to Amazon. It would be a huge blessing if you’l POP OVER and PRE-ORDER it, not only for yourself, but for at least ONE MOM you plan on mentoring… OR, if you’re a young mom, you can get one for the MENTOR you plan on asking to walk with you in your journey.
  3. Ask your women’s ministry leader or pastor to implement a mentoring ministry in your church… and even better a missional mentoring ministry where you can not only minister to moms who know Christ, but reach those who don’t. Our passion is to reach the moms of THIS generation so we can reach the heart of the NEXT generation and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

If you can’t view this video in your email, please click this link.

So, this is what I’ve been doing lately. I want to change the world and I believe that if the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, then the church that mentors those hands will win it.

I’m trying to reach a MILLION MOMS for Christ and I can’t just watch the next generation get lost somewhere between our cultures skewed view of the significance of a mother and our lack of involvement in the lives of the next generation of moms.

A MILLION MOMS sounds impossible, I know. But NOTHING is impossible with God and if only 3 moms in 1/2 of the churches in the United States would mentor just 3 other moms, we could reach a MILLION MOMS for Christ and impact over 2.5 MILLION CHILDREN as a result!

Wanna join me?

If you’d like me to come to your church and share about how you can make mentoring missional or about how you can start mentoring moms in your church, please email me at stephanie@themominitiative.com.

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  1. So excited for you! When will the book actually be released Stephanie?
    Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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