Almighty refers to God as All-Powerful, Omnipotent, Supreme, Preeminent, and Invincible. God is unlimited in might and power. 

In the original language, Almighty is the word Shaddai and some believe it derived from the root shad which means breast. Other scholars believe that the name is derived from an Akkadian word Šadu, meaning mountain conveying the concept of strength and power.

It is found 57 times in Scripture and is sometimes joined with the name for God, El rendering the name God Almighty or El Shaddai. Over 30 of its 57 uses are found in the book of Job.

The Almighty assures us that there is no one or nothing more powerful or preeminent than Him. Nothing can thwart His plans or His purposes. Nothing is too hard for the Almighty.


We recently watched the new Aladdin movie with our grandgirl. Aladdin was trapped inside a cave, finds a lamp and rubs it, not knowing he was summoning the “so-called” omnipotent Genie, who lived inside it. 

In the movie, Genie calls himself the most powerful being in the universe. Interesting claim from a fictional character trapped in a bottle, unable to free himself, and is required to give three wishes to whoever his master is. 

God alone is Almighty. Only YHWH is the most powerful being in the universe.

  • He is not limited by time or space.
  • He doesn’t require any actions from us to release Him from a bottle.
  • He needs freedom from nothing yet has the power to free all who will turn to Him in faith.
  • He does not beckon to our call and He is not accountable or answerable to anyone.

We’d be foolish to limit our view of God to some kind of genie in a bottle. God doesn’t exist to answer our wishes. 

A. W. Tozer once said, “What comes to our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. Low views of God destroy the Gospel for all who hold the.”


  • He is unstoppable.
  • He is unchangeable.
  • He is incomparable.
  • He has no beginning.
  • He has no end.
  • He has no limitations.
  • He has no rival.
  • He has no equal.

He alone is Almighty and we are constrained by the shear essence of His being to reverence Him.

Yet, the one and only Almighty God invites us into a relationship with Him and cares for our deepest needs. As the Almighty, only He can know what we need and only He is able to meet those needs.

I don’t know what you’re going through or where you are in your journey, my friend. But I know the Almighty is able to speak peace to your greatest storm and give you peace in the midst of your storm.

Oh sweet friend…whatever you are facing today, press into Him, seek His face and seek His help.

Remember, there’s nothing too hard for God.


  • Praise Him for who He is. The Almighty… the One who rules and reigns over every aspect of every detail of the universe, of this planet, and of you.
  • Thank Him for being your Almighty, knowing He is gloriously magnificent and majestic in His being. Yet He created you because He wanted to have an eternal relationship with you.
  • Repent of any disobedience to the Almighty.
  • And just take a few minutes to listen to this beautiful song. Allow yourself to bask in the beauty of knowing the Almighty and worship Him for who He is.


Look up some of these verses below and expand your view of who He is as Almighty through studying each passage in context, as well as, precept-upon-precept. 

Also take note of any other names of God mentioned in each specific passage and look up what they mean as well.

Genesis 17:1 – 1st mention of the name Almighty

Genesis 35:11 

Exodus 6:3

Ruth 1:20-21 

Job 5:17 

Job 11:7

Job 23:16

Job 34:12

Job 37:23

Psalm 91:1-2

3 Corinthians 6:18

Revelation 1:8


    • Visit to find all of the passages that include the powerful name, Almighty.
    • Create a “Knowing God More” Journal. Write out what you learn & how God speaks to you.
    • Write each name on a 3 X 5 and meditate on them throughout the day.
    • Contemplate the significance of the name or title in context.
    • How does that name or title relate to you?
    • How can you honor Him more as ______________?
    • In what areas have you seen Him be ______________ in your life?
    • How can you pray to Him by this specific name or title?
    • How can you pray His specific names or titles over your husband, your children or those you know and love?
    • Use a Bible Dictionary and Commentaries to help deepen your level of understanding. 

What did you know about Abba before today? How has this helped you know Him more? 

Thanks for joining me in this journey to know Him more!!! Please be sure to share any comments or questions you might have! 

Eternally His,


Phil 3:7-14


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