Blessed and Only Potentate


Blessed is the Greek word makarios. It means supremely blessed, happy. It also means consecrated, divine, holy, venerated. It is used frequently in Scripture.

The word Potentate, however, is only used one time in Scripture. It comes from the Greek word dynastēs, which is used only 3 times in God’s Word.

  1. Potentate (dynastēs)1 Timothy 6:15 – meaning Sovereign, Ruler (used in reference to God)
  2. Mighty (dynastēsLuke 1:52 – meaning Strong, Powerful (the word mighty, used in reference to men)
  3. Authority (dynastēsActs 8:27 – meaning Great Authority, Rule (the word authority used of men)

In 1 Timothy 6:14-15, we find he word only used as an adjective to describe the title Potentate. This intentionally singles out Jesus as the ONLY One who is actually worthy of the title Potentate

Others may be called blessed men of authority. But only Jesus has the power and authority worthy of such a title.

God, alone, rules over the affairs of mankind. God alone has all authority. He is the One who is holy, divine, and to be venerated. He alone is the only One who rules with all authority. He alone is the Blessed and ONLY Potentate.


Momma used to tell me that when things seem to be chaotic and when there is friction in life where people join together to accomplish something, it is often because there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

In Indian culture, one chief ruled over the tribe. Having one chief generally prevented chaos.

In business, everyone company has a boss. In the structure of our local government, we have one mayor. Our states only have one governor, and our country only has one president.

They all rule with great authority. But all are subject to the sovereign authority of the Blessed and Only Potentate.

Those who rule over tribes and businesses and cities, states, and the country, all are flawed and fallible. They will all make bad decisions at some point. They are all prone to pride and incapable of flawless leadership. The are all capable of being blinded by flattery words and cleverly concealed bribes from lobbyists.

God alone is the only One who has the power to choose right every time… to see every need, every injustice, every outcome, every scheme, and every necessary action… and to do what is right and needed every. single. time.

Whatever it is you are facing, you can trust the Blessed and Only Potentate to choose right for you. To work all things together for your good, even when they don’t seem so good at the time.

Whatever we see happen in this crazy, mixed-up world, we can rest in knowing that one day, God will bring all things to the light. One day, we will see that when we thought everything was spiraling out of control, that God was in control every. single. second.

Today, trust the Blessed and Only Potentate to do what He does because it is who He is. The One who leads with ultimate authority.


  • Praise Him for who He is. The Blessed and Potentate. The One who rules over all that exists…including you.
  • Thank Him for being The Blessed and Potentate, knowing you can rest in the fact that even when life. seems to be spiraling out of control. The Blessed and Potentate is in complete control of every single detail.
  • Repent of any disobedience to or disregard of theThe Blessed and Potentate.
  • And just take a few minutes to listen to this beautiful song. Allow yourself to bask in the beauty of knowing The Blessed and Potentate and worship Him for who He is.

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    • Create a “Knowing God More” Journal. Write out what you learn & how God speaks to you.
    • Write each name on a 3 X 5 and meditate on them throughout the day.
    • Contemplate the significance of the name or title in context.
    • How does that name or title relate to you?
    • How can you honor Him more as ______________?
    • In what areas have you seen Him be ______________ in your life?
    • How can you pray to Him by this specific name or title?
    • How can you pray His specific names or titles over your husband, your children or those you know and love?
    • Use a Bible Dictionary and Commentaries to help deepen your level of understanding. 

What did you know about the Blessed and Only Potentate before today? How has this helped you know Him more? 

Thanks for joining me in this journey to know Him more!!! Please be sure to share any comments or questions you might have! 

Eternally His,


Phil 3:7-14

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