Launch of a New FB Group to Pray for Lost Loved Ones

Do you have loved ones who don’t know Christ and you long to see them come to know Him? Have you longed for others to join you in prayer for your lost loved ones or needed support and encouragement from other Christians who are going through the same thing?

Tomorrow (April 15th), I’m launching a brand new, interactive, private Facebook Group called THAT THEY MAY BE SAVED to gather together believers who are desperate to see their loved ones come to know Christ.

Here’s what “THAT THEY MAY BE SAVED” is all about:

THAT THEY MAY BE SAVED is a group of prayer warriors who are specifically focused on joining one another in intercession for the salvation of our lost loved ones.

Please take a minute to read about what we do here at THAT THEY MAY BE SAVED.
This is an interactive prayer page in which members will have the opportunity every day to ask for prayer for their lost loved ones.
Each day, there will be a Scripture passage (or sometimes a quote) posted that you can use to pray our lost loved ones.
Members are encouraged to list the name of the loved ones for whom they are asking prayer in the comments section under the daily Scripture passage (or quote).
We ask that members come to this page daily if possible and take a few minutes to pray for those on the daily list. If you can’t pray for all on the list, please take time to pray for some.
Members are also invited to do several things:
  1. Invite others who have the same desire to see lost loved ones come to know Jesus to join the prayer group.
  2. To share any words of encouragement with one another in the daily post’s comment section.
  3. Post something they feel will encourage or inspire the rest of the group.
We especially look forward to posts from members when their loved ones come to know Christ.
We are joining one another in prayer for our loved ones to come to know Jesus. That is the sole purpose for this group. THAT THEY MAY BE SAVED!

This group will be careful not to engage in any kind of unwholesome conversation, ungodly conduct, or doctrinal debates. Please keep all post focused on prayer and encouragement.

PLEASE NOTE: We all have loved ones who don’t know Christ and I would love for you to join this prayer group to pray for one another’s lost loved ones.

Because this is a private group, you will need to do a few things.

  1. Make sure we are friends on Facebook.
  2. Comment below that you want to join and let me know your Facebook name.
  3. Look for an invite in your notifications from THAT THEY MAY KNOW HIM.

ALSO… if you have any friends who may be in the same boat, please reach out to them and let them know about the group. You will be able to invite them to the group once you are part of it.




  1. I would like to be a part of 1 putting a thousand to flight & 10 putting ten thousand to flight.

    • Yes and AMEN! Added you. Prayer is definitely the greatest work! Gotta see those loved ones come to know Jesus!

  2. Please add me to the prayer group! This is so important.

    • Catherine, thanks for reaching out. I sent an invite today. Please know that you can bring your loved ones name to the FB Group every day and we will be praying with you for them.

  3. I would like to join That They May Kniw Him
    My Facebook name is Beth Hale (Mary Beth Funkhouser)

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