The Making of a Mom

The Making of a Mom  

Ministering to the hearts of moms who know Christ and reaching the hearts of those who don’t.

TheMakingofaMomsmallFor MOMS ~ The Making of a Mom meets moms in the messiness of motherhood and providing a real life biblical foundation by weaving real life stories together with Biblical insight and helping moms discover the answers to the deep questions moms ask and to encourage them to embrace God’s joy in the journey.

A Resource for the CHURCH ~ The Making of a Momwas written to not only minister to moms who know Christ already, but to reach the ones who don’t.

In The Making of a Mom, you will find questions at the end of each chapter that will be reflective for a mom, but also serve as a catalyst for conversation for a mentor or a small group leader, as well as Planning Guides in the back of the book to help you create a mentoring ministry not only in your church, but in your community (in low income or urban neighborhoods, apartment complexes, juvenile shelters, crisis pregnancy centers, prisons, parks, the mission field, and wherever young moms can be found).

The Making of a Mom answers the three questions most mentors and small group leaders struggle with…

1. What will I say? (The questions at the end of each chapter will supply lots of conversation starters)

2. What will I do? (The Planning Guides in the back of the book are venue specific, so they will help you know what to do no matter where you choose to mentor. AND…there are also instructions to help you develop a M.O.M. Group and samples of what yours might look like.

3. What will I use? (The Making of a Mom was written to be tools in a mentors hands while also ministering to a mom’s heart.)

Through The M.O.M. Initiative and through The Making of a Mom, we are reaching the moms of this generation to reach the  heart of the next generation!


If only 3 moms in 1/2 of the evangelical churches in the United States would mentor just 3 other mothers, that would translate into impacting over 1,000,000 moms for Christ and influencing over 2,500,000 children as a result.

The M.O.M. Initiative and The Making of a Mom

It’s not just a ministry…it’s not just a book…It’s a REVOLUTION!

Join us to impact 1,000,000 moms for CHRIST!


Understanding What Matters Most


“Stephanie Shott invites us to take our faith deeper by learning from one of the wisest men in Scripture. Her style is warm, inviting, and deep. This is a great resource for personal study or small group or discipleship study. I highly recommend this as a resource for churches, study groups, and for individual study.” ~ Suzie Eller/Author & Speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries

Have you ever wondered why in our Christian circles we talk a lot about living for eternity but live like this life is all there is? What would happen if we not only choose to see life through the lens of eternity but also choose to respond to our everyday circumstance from an eternal perspective? Everything would be different!

We are all on a journey trying to figure out how to do this thing called “life.” We all face difficult seasons and unforseeable circumstances, and we’re all looking to make sense of a world gone mad. Now more than ever, we need clarity in our attempt to make this life count for more than a vapor-for more than grasping at the wind. While the world vies for our attention and distracts us from that which is significant and eternal, God has given us a heavenly sieve through which we can filter the events of life and better understand what matters most. It is called Ecclesiastes.

Because this Bible study was written by a woman and for women, Ecclesiastes: Understanding What Matters Most offers a unique perspective to this often avoided and frequently misunderstood book of the Bible. You’ll find that, although Solomon lived some 3,000 years ago, the lessons we can learn from him are just as relevant today as they were then. Times may have changed, but the heart of man has not.

Ecclesiastes: Understanding What Matters Most examines the wisdom that transcends time. As you embark upon this journey, you will see the heart of every man written in the pages of Scripture. Perhaps you will see your own heart and be challenged and encouraged to live a life of purpose – to define your life by what really matters most.

Understanding What Matters Most is a journey through Ecclesiastes giving the reader an opportunity to personally sift the gamut of life experiences and define their lives by what matters most. With questions designed to examine the heart and inspire application, this exciting ladies Bible study will ignite intentional living and give significance to the days you are given under the sun.


Publisher: AMG Publishers

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