Stephanie’s Testimony


  1. Loved your study book on Ecclesiastes. I used it in leading a Bible study, and found it so helpful. I was checking your website to see if you had other guides for Bible study.

    • Hi Carol! I emailed a response but just want to be sure you get it so I’m pasting it here in the reply as well.

      “Your message was such a sweet and encouraging blessing to receive today!

      I have some Bible study resource on The MOM Initiative that you may be interested it.

      The first one is called MATRIARCHS and is a 12 week study of women of the Bible that comes with free videos, downloadable PDF lessons, and even more in-depth PDF lessons. The second one is Lavish Grace written to go along with Kathy Howard’s book by the same title. It doesn’t have videos but is a good study.

      Here is a link to both of those studies: http://www.themominitiative.com/bible-study/

      We also have some free ebooks on that site as well. http://www.themominitiative.com/free-ebooks/

      And I have some free resources at http://www.stephanieshott.com as well. One, in particular, is a short and concise Bible study to help women learn how to win the war of their minds and emotions. It’s currently called, Becoming You, but I’ve been redesigning it and expanding it. It’s been something I’ve used in counseling women who have struggled with stinking thinking, insecurities, fear, and rollercoaster emotions. Here’s a link to Becoming You if you’d like to check that out. http://stephanieshott.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Becoming-You-Product-PDF.pdf

      I’m currently working on a Bible study on Philippians but it won’t be ready for several months. Within the next 6 months, I hope to have the Philippians study done, complete with videos, as well as finishing up the redesign for Becoming You with videos.

      Is there a specific topic or direction you sense that the Lord is leading you regarding Bible study? I know of several authors whom I trust to be doctrinally sound and they may have written something you might like as well.

      Thank you again for emailing me! You made my heart smile big time! :)”

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