Free Resources

Free Resources for You, Your Ministry or Your Next Event:


Women’s Ministry, Event Planning and Church Resources:

NEW for YOU!  How to Develop an Effective Women’s Ministry

10 Ways to Make Mentoring (and your whole ministry) Missional

10 Ways to Escape the Christian Bubble – PDF


Community IMPACT Worksheet

75 Icebreakers for Your Women’s Event

10 Differences Between a Boss and a Leader

Bible Study Resources:

Key Ingredients Resource

Becoming You – Product – PDF

Journal Your Way through the Word (Printable resource/Make your own Bible study/prayer journal)

Prayer Resources:

5 Tips for a More Intentional Prayer Life – PDF

Parenting and Family Resources:

30 Ways to Pray for Your Children – PDF

Parenting With a Plan and a Purpose – PDF

21 Family Conversations Starters

Teach Your Children to Pray & Memorize Scripture with This Free Resource

10 Summertime Safety Tips

Fun Times Summertime Planner

Home & Life Organizer

5 Tips to Help Moms Say No (No more mushy moms)



  1. Just thought you’d like to know there is a typo under Prayer Resources. It says, “5 Tips for a More Intentional Payer Life” instead of “Prayer” life.

    Thank you so much for the great resources!

    • THANK YOU Elizabeth! No one has every pointed that out! I SO appreciate your help! Thank you for popping in. By the way… I love your email address (everything4Hisglory) 🙂

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