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Leading women to live full, fearless and faithful lives!

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The MOM Initiative

A fresh new vision for an age old calling, The MOM Initiative is taking Titus 2 to the streets and changing the world one mom at a time! Ware here for moms, mentors and ministry leaders! *Tailoring Titus 2 Ministries *Making Mentoring Easy & Missional *Assisting Ministry Leaders

The Making of a Mom

Written to Moms, Written for Ministry Leaders Making motherhood intentional, making mentoring easy

MOM Groups

BEGIN a MOM Group or JOIN a MOM Group ~ Where moms help moms be better because we are all BETTER TOGETHER!

Journey through the Word Together

Follow Steph\'s weekly word from the Word and discover how powerful, how real, and how relevant God\'s Word is!

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Your name and Your renown are the desires of my heart! (Is 26:8)