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Please note: Stephanie is thrilled to accept speaking engagement invitations for women’s events as her schedule allows. She is a Bible teacher who is passionate about helping women discover and apply God’s Word to their lives in practical and powerful ways.
You can expect Scripture-based messages every time!
“Stephanie has an unusual ability to make her messages seem like an exciting adventure that she takes us all on with her. Her passion is contagious and her sound biblical truth, mixed with humor, resonated with all who attended and kept us fully engaged. We left not only encouraged but changed. We can’t wait to have her back!”
~ Melanie / Conference Attendee


The most important thing I can share with you about me is to tell you what Jesus has done for me. Please take a few minutes and listen to how Jesus changed my life. He is the Master of bringing beauty out of ashesand making all things new!

Stephanie’s Testimony


Conferences and retreats have been powerful influences in my personal walk with the Lord through the years. So I’m honored beyond words that God allows me to part of them!

If God connects us and allows us the opportunity of partnering together for your next event, you can count on a well-prepared, biblically-sound, relevant, real, and gospel-centered message with take-aways that your attendees can grow by.

I’ve been teaching the Word of God for three decades and count every opportunity as a gift. There’s nothing like seeing spiritual light bulbs go on in the hearts of women who discover how real God’s Word and God’s love is in real life!


  • Scripture-based messages every time
  • Sharing one, two, or three biblically-solid, relevant, and encouraging messages
  • Weaving humor and hope throughout each message
  • Infusing each message with passion and purpose
  • Engaging each audience with fresh transparency
  • Equipping each woman with practical and real-life takeaways

Whenever God gives me the opportunity to speak, I will present the Gospel and would love to work with your team to provide prayer opportunities and follow up on those who respond.

(I’m also honored to be able to speak with my pastor/biblical counselor/drummer/surfer husband at events as well.If you are looking for a couple to speak on marriage, missions, or relationships, we would love to hear from you!)
Please complete the following form and be assured that I will respond personally and promptly. I will also begin praying for you, your ministry team and the women who will be at your event the moment I get your request.

HONORARIUM NOTE: I do not have a set fee…

In obedience to how the Lord has been leading me for over 25 years of speaking, I speak at events for a love offering and travel expenses. This is a personal conviction as I count it an honor to share God’s Word with women around the world and it enables me to speak at large and small venues alike. This is not a job for me. This is my ministry and I leave it up to the leadership team of each event to prayerfully give a love offering as God leads and finances allow. I never want finances to be an issues when it comes to serving women in the Word.


  • Name, email address and telephone number of the main contact person
  • Event date and location
  • Type of event (retreat, conference, brunch, workshop, etc…)
  • Expected attendance and theme (if known)
  • How you heard about Stephanie


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