Happy Birthday to Me

I can’t believe it’s been 22 years. Yes, I realize it’s obvious that I’m not 22 years old (and thanks for noticing), but today is my birthday…my spiritual birthday. Twenty-two years ago today, my life was divinely interrupted when the Living God chose me and birthed me into His forever family. I was given a new name, a new identity, a new heart and a new life. Not only did my whole world change on October 11th, 1987, but my eternal destiny changed, as well.

I’ve spent the day reflecting on what the Lord has done in my life and words are insufficient to express how thankful I am that He reached down from heaven and saved a wretch like me.

This blog is going to be rather personal, but perhaps it will serve a sweet reminder of what the Lord has done in your life; what He’s kept your from; what He’s kept you for.

Here’s a look at the past 22 years through the rearview mirror of my life:

22 years of not looking for love in all the wrong places because I have known the love of God

22 years of not trying to fit in because I’m uniquely made and accepted by God

22 years of not trying to please others because I live to please God

22 years of not being addicted to anything except Jesus

22 years of not being defined by my past because the Lord has forgiven me & given me a future

22 years of not being defeated because Jesus has given me the victory

22 years of not allowing childhood abuse to hold me captive because Jesus has set me free

22 years of not being in bondage to any kind of sin because Jesus has given me power over it

22 years of not being deceived by the world and what if offers because Jesus gives me wisdom

22 years of not trying to find my purpose because glorifying God is my purpose

22 years of not trying to climb the corporate ladder but rather fighting for the bottom rung

22 years of not trying to find my value in what I do because my value comes from Whose I am

22 years of not wandering what’s best for my children because Jesus is what’s best for them

22 years of not being clueless about God’s Word because He has opened my spiritual eyes

22 years of not walking through difficult circumstances alone because God has been with me

22 years of knowing this life isn’t all there is

22 years of knowing God has a plan for my life

22 years of peace and hope

22 years of knowing I am inscribed on the palm of His hand

22 years of knowing my eternity in heaven is secure

22 years of knowing He will use every trial for my good & His glory

22 years of knowing I can find shelter under the shadow of His wings

22 years of knowing He loves me with an everlasting love

22 years of doing marriage God’s way (at least trying most of the time 🙂

22 years of being blessed with real and godly friends

22 years of knowing He hears me when I pray

22 years of hearing His still small voice speak to my eager heart

22 years of sensing His presence and His promptings

22 years of understanding His Word

22 years of sensing conviction of sin and righteousness

22 years of desiring Him above all

22 years of running to Him when I fall

22 years of knowing Him

The day I said the eternal “I do” to Jesus my life was radically changed and absolutely nothing has been the same since that glorious moment 22 years ago.

It’s definitely been a wild ride. It hasn’t always been easy; I haven’t always lived it out perfectly; but I know Whom I have believed and I am absolutely persuaded that He is able to keep that which I committed unto Him until that day.

I can’t imagine how my life would have been without Him and I’m so thankful I don’t have to. I am His and He is mine and nothing else really matters.

So, yes…Happy Birthday to me! And I’ve been given the greatest gift of all…Jesus, Himself! I can’t wait to see what He has planned for the next 22 years!

I’d love to hear about your spiritual birthday. Leave me a comment and share your Journey with Jesus.

Eternally His,

Stephanie Shott

Phil 3:7-14

P.S. Do you have a spiritual birthday to celebrate? If not, today can be the day you say the eternal “I do” to Jesus and give your life to the One who gave His life for you.
Please leave a comment and let me know if your do.


  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I found your site through Twitter and have to say I love it. It's so warm and inviting. I love the honesty of your posts. 🙂


  2. Happy Spiritual Birthday!!! Even though it's a few months late! What a great way to celebrate!

  3. What a great post! Your look in the rearview mirror inspires and challenges as I too ponder all that the Lord has saved me from and saved me to. He is Life!

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