25 Tips for a Christ Centered Christmas

Do you struggle with keeping Christ the focus of your Christmas? From Black Friday to Christmas day, we are bombarded with the commercialism of a season set apart to celebrate our Savior. Why is it so easy to get caught up in it all when we know Jesus truly is the reason for the season.

I don’t want to get into the questionable history and origins of Christmas, and I don’t want to offer an opinion about whether or not we should get involved with certain aspects of the most wonderful time of the year. I just want to provide 25 ways in which you can keep Christ the focus of your’s and your family’s Christmas.

Here we go:

1. No tree. Place a large manger scene in your living room instead. Place your gifts in front of the manger.

2. Ornaments with the various names and titles of Jesus on them. (You can create your own & make it a family time craft event)

3. Throughout the month of December, read the Bible with your family at dinnertime and focus on passages that teach who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

4. Teach your children of Jesus’ sacrificial love by taking them shopping for those who are unable to give anything in return.

5. Determine to give a tangible gift to Jesus. Put it in a box, wrap it and put it under the tree. On Christmas day, explain why you are giving that particular gift to Jesus.

6. Give the gift of time to a particular ministry to show the love of Jesus. (A homeless shelter, a children’s home, a hospital, ect…)

7. Hold a birthday party for Jesus. (Be sure to tell your children it’s not the actual “day” of His birth, but a time we celebrate Him)

8. Invite a widow or someone who is alone to spend Christmas with your family.

9. Create a family Christmas play. Practice throughout November & December. Put out flyers in your neighborhood and do the
play in your front lawn on Christmas eve.

10. Play “Jesus” Christmas music all month long.

11. Organize a group to go caroling during Christmas.

12. Do random acts of giving in Jesus name. (Pay for the person’s meal behind you, rake the neighbor’s lawn, ect…)

13. Take food to a family in need.

14. Buy some gifts and take to the hospital to give to those who are in long term or critical care.

15. Put a play on or sing Christmas carols at a local nursing home.

16. Help your children earn money to buy gifts for Operation Christmas Child or a local children’s home.

17. Help your children earn money to give to a missionary.

18. Help your children earn money to buy gifts for a missionary child on the field.

19. Organize a coat round-up for a homeless shelter near you.

20. Make or purchase gifts to give to your neighbors. Especially the ones you are trying to reach for Christ.

21. Bake goodies for your neighbors, family and friends.

22. Make your indoor and outdoor decorations reflect that Jesus really is the reason for the season.

23. Help your church collect gifts for a family in need.

24. Send Christmas gifts and cards to the families of prisoners.

25. Share Jesus with as many people as you can between now and Christmas.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. It’s the time the world is reminded that God loves us so much that He sent His only begotten Son so we could spend eternity with Him. It’s the time we reflect on the earthly life of Christ…from the cradle to the cross. It’s the time we celebrate Jesus and all that He is and all that He’s done.

Please share your traditions. How do you keep Jesus the focus of your family’s Christmas? I’d love to hear from you.


  1. So totally radical for Jesus, I love it! Our Pastor just challenged us today to make this Christmas about Jesus with his sermon 'Who's Birthday is it Anyway?' He challenged us to spend at least 10% of our budget on giving a gift to Jesus in the form of giving to the least of us in the ways you described above. Awesome!

  2. Great ideas!! I will print your list and see how we can implement some of these over the next 26 days.

  3. We have always had our manger scene under the tree on a table with lights around it to signify the Greatest Gift of all!

  4. Great suggestions! Have a blessed Monday!

  5. What a great idea to really focus on keeping Jesus the center of Christmas. I think we all struggle with this. I'm going to really try to keep that front & center this year.

  6. When we put up our nativity, we always hide baby Jesus. All through the month, when people see it, they always ask where Jesus is, to which we reply “He isn't born yet.” This opens up the way to share Him with others, especially shildren. We then spend Christmas Eve with old friends and after a light dinner, we read the Christmas story from Luke 2 and have discussion. When we go back home, we wait til midnight and someone, usually a child, is chosen to place baby Jesus in the manger. We then reiterate the Christmas story, sing 'Away in the Manger', say a prayer and open one gift. We then retire for the night with the reason for the season on our hearts and minds.

  7. Great ideas!

    When my children were younger, we had a non-breakable nativity set that they were allowed to play with at will. We also made Jesus a spiced birthday cake each year.

    Heather @ JustDoingMyBest at Gmail

  8. Rose,
    I like the idea of setting aside 10 percent of your income to give a gift to Jesus. Seems like we are all trying to keep a Christ centered Christmas and I'm thankful that you added your idea.
    Eternally His,
    Phil 3:7-14

  9. Marsha,
    Maybe we could think of some things we can do in a practical way at the office. Let's put our thinking caps on.
    Luv ya,
    Phil 3:7-14

  10. GodzGr82me,
    I'm so glad you popped in. I know we're all trying to stay focused on Jesus at a time when there are so many distractions. He is truly the reason for the season!
    Eternally His,
    Phil 3:7-14

  11. Heather, Jesus4joy & Kristi,
    GREAT IDEAS! Beautiful traditions! Great ways to have a Christ centered Christmas!

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Eternally His,
    Phil 3:7-14

  12. I love it! You have so many ways to make it real for the kids as well!

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