Leading Ladies

I remember when I was a child, I was awed by the leading ladies of the day. They were more than beautiful, they were astounding. Strong, yet feminine; courageous and bold, but not foolish or arrogant. Somehow these talented women had the ability to make me laugh one minute and cry the next.

In my childish dreams, I longed to be a leading lady. My mother’s night gown mimicked the actress’s dauntingly beautiful dress as I’d flow through the hallways awaiting my own Academy Award. The silent audience of the empty room never diminished my impassioned acceptance speech unless I was unexpectedly interrupted by my brother who quickly found himself on the floor belly-laughing at me and my make believe world.

Lauren Bacall was a leading lady whose classy composure and elegant grace commanded attention and respect. Maureen Ohara’s spunk and sophistication graced the stage and won the hearts of viewers everywhere. But leading ladies aren’t only found behind the lens of a television camera. More often than not, they adorn the stage of life in homes, churches and workplaces around the world. Strength and grace define them. Honor and respect award them.

Perhaps you long to be a leading lady, yet when you look in the mirror you only see doubting Debbie. imperfect Irene or timid Tyra. I want you to know, my sister, that you are a leader. You are leading someone. It may be that your children are the extent of your influence, but make no mistake…those little hearts look at you as their fearless leader. Never underestimate the power of your influence. Whether it’s at home, at church, at work or in your community, you are a leading lady.

And if you’re like me, you want to be a leading lady who makes an eternal impact on those around her. Women who will leave a legacy that will point people to Christ long after we leave planet earth.

Join me in a journey through a new series entitled Leading Ladies”. I hope it will inspire you to become the woman you want to be. Perhaps it will ignite you to boldly take hold of the ministry God is calling you to.

Below is a list of titles I plan on using throughout this series. Please pray that God would use it to raise up women to fulfill their calling-to lead with integrity, strength, character and virtue. Each one of us were born for such a time as this. May we each be Esther-like in fulfilling His glorious plan for our lives!

This is our time girls! Let’s be LEADING LADIES.

Session 1 – The Heart of a Leading Lady
Session 2 – How Leading Ladies Lead
Session 3 – Leading Ladies and the Balancing Act
Session 4 – Obstacles for Leading Ladies
Session 5 – The Affect of Leading Ladies
Session 6 – The Legacy of a Leading Lady

Please be ready to share your own advice and encouragement. Perhaps your story will help others define their own.


  1. sounds like a great series. Looking forward to seeing what the Lord lays on your heart to share.


  2. It does sound awesome. Personally, I have been hearing a message of returning to people of real character needed for those the Lord is calling to lead. Can't wait to see if that is what Lord is laying on your heart too.

  3. Hi Donna,
    I can't wait to sink my heart into this series! God is really dealing with me about the role of women who lead. I've had to postpone it because I'm promoting the 2010 She Speaks Conference. I desperately want to go, but the funds are there right now, so I've posted a blog about it as an entry to win. Praying!

    We'll begin 'Leading Ladies' on April 5th!

  4. Hi Rose,
    You are so right about being women of character. Like I told Donna, I can't wait to sink my heart into this series!

    I had to postpone it until April 5th because I'm trying to win a scholarship for the 2010 She Speaks Conference. But I'm so excited about this series on 'Leading Ladies'.

  5. I just came across this series of your blog – and I can't wait to spend my evenings getting caught up! While I do doubt myself at times, I am a leading lady in my home, being a stay home mom and supporting wife to my Navy-retiree-now-travelling-businessman husband. I can't wait to read these!

  6. bollyangel,
    You have just blessed me more than you know! How precious you are to be a woman who supports her husband, pours her life into her children and manages her home. You are certainly a leading lady who is making a difference!

    I hope these “Leading Lady” posts bless you as much as you have blessed me!
    Eternally His,
    Phil 3:7-14

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