Wonder Woman

I have a confession to make. When I was growing up I wanted to be Wonder Woman. Not the comic strip character, but the Lynda Carter-television-style Wonder Woman.

It took me a few years, but I have decided that Wonder Woman, I am not. I’ve tried to do it all, be it all and have it all – but the in the real world it’s impossible. In fact, I gladly gave up my bullet proof wrist bands and golden lasso as soon as I learned what it really meant to be Wonder Woman.

Unfortunately, my coveted identity came with responsibilities beyond my abilities. Today’s culture calls for women to be everything to everyone. But we weren’t created that way.

Let’s look at a few roles women are expected to play in our world today (in random order):

Washer of Clothes
Event Planner
Coach to your kids
Referee for your kids
Meal Planner
Wonder Wife
Errand Runner
Full Time Employee
Part Time Employee
Finder of All Things Lost
Home Organizer
Cheerleader for Kid’s Sporting Events
PTA Participant
Birthday Party Planner
Cake Decorator
Household Secretary
Business Manager

And that’s my short list. Crazy, isn’t it? Can you see why our lives seem so scattered? We may have to live our lives all over the place, but we also need to be careful about the choices we make that fill our days with that which isn’t necessary and leaves us trying to juggle too much at once. We need to choose what we juggle wisely or we’ll miss out on what’s most important. We can’t be effective when we give ourselves out in so many different directions.

I may want to look like Lynda Carter when I grow up, but I stopped wanting to be like her character a long time ago. I hope you did too.

Are you still trying to be Wonder Woman? Are there some things you need to scratch off your “to do” list? What are some things I missed that we try to tackle as Wonder Woman?

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  1. Hey, I even have the Wonder Woman theme on my computer. I can play it whenever I need that little boost of ego.

    Other than my theme song, I don't measure up.

    You know those verses in the Bible that talk about a time for this and a time for that? Well, I think that also tells us we can do a lot of stuff, but they each have a time. And those times don't all happen together.

    Sometimes multi-tasking is good. Sometimes it makes us less of a woman.

  2. Hi Stephenie,
    We obviously have more in common than our names. And I love your reminder of Ecclesiastes's admonition about a time for everything doesn't mean everything at one time.

    Thanks for stopping in and sharing such “wonder”ful insights!

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