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This week is the unveiling of a new and exciting project called Scripture Dig! I’m totally stoked (an expression my surfer husband likes to say) to be part of the team in this joint journey through the Word of God. Scripture Dig is devoted to equipping women with the necessary tools to examine, understand and apply scripture in their own world and their own circumstances.

I can’t believe I actually have the privilege of joining such a wonderful group of godly girlfriends! Teri Lynne Underwood, Kristi Stephens, Kathy Howard and Julie Sanders all have an obvious heart to minister to women and an uncompromising love for the Word of God. If you click on the links to their websites, you’ll see why I’m so honored to be part of this team!

There are a few things you can do to help spread the word about digging in the Word with us at Scripture Dig.

1. You can mention it on your blog with a link to it.

2. Follow Scripture Dig on Twitter @ScriptureDig

3, Subscribe to Scripture Dig by email or your reader

4. Graciously place Scripture Dig button on your site.


So, join us for a journey in the Word. Dig in and unearth the treasures you can only find in Scripture. Be encouraged – be changed – be part of Scripture Dig!

Have you heard of Scripture Dig yet? Do you plan on joining the journey?

I’d love for you to join me for a daily dose of life in the Word. Click here to subscribe.


  1. And I am totally stoked that you are on this team!!!

  2. Hi Stephanie! I am a friend of Teri Lynne's and I cannot wait to join all you fabulous women journeying through the bible!

  3. Nice to meet ya Stephanie! I'm praying for you women and doing all that I can to promote Scripture Dig.

    God bless!!!


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