Girlfriends – My First

I felt it was appropriate to start our Girlfriend series with my first real friend. I met her when I was just three. So was she. Tammy and I became inseparable, as did our parents. We went to school together by day and to the ball field by night. She played third base, I played second. Both tomboys to the bone and goofy to the max.

Our moms took us to the same stores, bought us matching coats, matching bicycles and matching notebooks. We laughed together, cried together and sat up late swapping dreams and giving each other advice. We walked through difficult days and weathered storms we wish we never had to face. I did her makeup, she fixed my hair.

At times we both wished we could go our separate ways, but we were bound by our parents bond with one another. Sometimes so thankful for the fetter of our parents’ relationship; other times wishing we could brake the chains that held us captive to one another.

Today we’re still friends. We don’t see each other much, but when we do it’s like time somehow stood still and we pick up where we left off – never skipping a beat.

Tammy and I will always be friends – deep rooted in each other’s hearts and just a phone call away.

Sprinkled throughout Scripture are friendships that captivate our hearts. Some are obvious. Others, not so much. Tucked ever so neatly and often times sweetly in the pages of holy writ are friendships that surprise us by their presence and challenge our resolve.

In Genesis 7 four men and four women enter the ark. A slew of two of each kind of animal joined them for the ride as the door was shut. We aren’t told much about life behind the closed door of the ark, but we know that 4 women shared the same space for over a year.

Have you ever thought about what life was like in a tightly sealed ark with four women? They may have been family, but were they also friends? It would have been one long year and one rough ride if they weren’t.

Like my relationship with Tammy – I’m sure they laughed together, cried together, held each other up and let each other down. I’m certain tempers flared and hearts were hurt. Perhaps there were times they wished they could let the door slam behind them as they walked out of a heated argument.

But they couldn’t. They were bound together by a door sealed shut and a God who was protecting them. We don’t really know what went on inside that boat. But we do know that they shared something unique that bonded them in a way nothing else could.

The time came when the door flew open and they went their separate ways. Yet, somehow I think their hearts were sealed even when the door of the ark no longer was.

Sometimes friends enter our lives, never to leave. Even in their absence, they are somehow always there. That’s how my friendship has been with Tammy. She’s been a lifelong girlfriend and I love her dearly!

Do you have a girlfriend who is always there for you? One you know you can depend on even though you don’t get to spend much time with her? One who has weathered some of the first storms you’ve ever faced and will be there til the last? Are you that kind of friend to someone else?

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  1. My best friend Rhonda lives in FL. I live in NC now. We have been best friends for 35 years. Our parents were friends and passed it on to us. We are born 14 days apart and have been likes sisters ever since. Even though we live apart now, when we see each other, it is like we have never ever been apart. When we talk (which is usually daily) on the phone, we can usually finish each others sentences. Some days we even dress the same and cook the same meals without even knowing what the other is doing until it is mentioned. I am so thankful God put her in my life.

  2. Thanks for sharing you and Tammy with us. Beautiful story of friendship.

    I also enjoyed what you shared about the women in the ark.

    Close friendship is to be treasured, appreciated and never taken for granted. Many don't have the pleasure or the privilege of it so I pray for all who do to enjoy it whether the friendship be from afar or upclose.

    You're a blessing…

  3. Aww…such a sweet story of friendship. The photo and story made me think back to a childhood friend, my next door neighbor, and though two years younger than me, she stayed friends for years. We've been out of touch for several years. Have been trying to find her. Thanks for starting this sweet series. BTW, is the photo of you and Tammy?

  4. Joy ~ I forgot to mention that my birthday and Tammy's are just 2 days apart. It's fund to reminisce over sweet friendships that last a life time – even when they are lived in different places.
    Praying you get to spend some time together (face to face) soon!

  5. Lysa ~Thanks for the reminder that those sweet friendships are to be treasured, appreciated and never taken for granted. I love the way you put that! What a wonderful admonition!

  6. Lynn ~ Thanks so much for popping in. I pray you'll be able to reconnect with your friend soon!
    I wish I could have put a picture of Tammy and I in there, but I didn't have any available. It did look like the way we used to dress up though. She has blonde hair, I have brown. It reminded me of her and I when we were little girls.

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