Jesus – The Bread of Life

Sweet friends, my heart is overflowing and I can’t wait to share with you what the Lord is leading me to do in my blog. Maybe throughout its existence; perhaps only for a season; but definitely for such a time as this -definitely now.

You see, I’ve been praying for you and asking the Lord to show me exactly how He wants me to use this space in cyberspace. Like many of you sister bloggers, I’ve struggled with what I should be writing about that would encourage and impact peoples’ lives for Christ. And a wonderful whisper spoke loudly to my heart, “Do what you always do -do what I’ve called you to do – teach the Word.” Now the Lord doesn’t speak audibly to me, but when He imparts His will to my heart it’s just as if I heard it with my ears.

I want this to be an interactive Bible study. Share your answers in the comments section. Ask questions. Pop in and share a prayer request or pray for others in this journey.

So girls, I hope you’ll join me as this site blossoms into so much more than just my thoughts on a page, but a Bible study intended to get us all in the Word. Each post will have questions designed to examine the heart and inspire application. Some of them may be difficult to answer, some of the questions may cause us to take a good look at our heart – but I pray they help us in our quest to know Him more. I can’t wait to get started with you in the Word! During the Christmas season, I’ll remain focused on Jesus and the various names and titles in which He has made Himself known to us in Scripture.


Today, we’re going to look at Jesus – the Bread of Life.

“And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.” John 6:35

When the children of Israel miraculously blazed a trail through the floor of the Red Sea, the hand of God was with them – delivering them from the enemy and making a way where there was no way.

When their mouths were parched for lack of water, the Lord sweetened the bitter waters of Marah and fed their thirsty souls. And when the children of Israel’s hunger pagns turned their hearts to sin in the Wilderness of Sin, the Lord rained bread from heaven to feed their need in the form of manna.

Maybe you can relate. Perhaps you’ve been hungry, like that? Really hungry? You know the stomach-growling and aching, weak-at-the-knees, feeling like you’re going to pass out kind of hungry. Maybe you’e been thirsty. But I doubt many of you have been three days without water, walking-in-the-wilderness-kind of thirsty.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus graced planet earth with His presence and secured salvation for all who would trust in Him. He was the true Bread sent from Heaven.

Just on the heals of feeding the 5,000 with two fish and five loaves, Jesus declares that He is the Bread of Life – the true Bread sent from Heaven. In John 6:26-58 Jesus reminds them that the bread that sustained their fathers in the Wilderness of Sin was not given as a gift by Moses, but was the daily provision from the Living God. It was a foreshadow of the Jesus – the Bread of Life – who would not only supply what they needed to fill their hungry bodies, but would ultimately BE what they needed to fill their hungry hearts.

Sometimes we look to the Lord to answer our questions in life – to respond to our circumstances and give us the solution we are desperate for. Jesus didn’t come to answer our questions – He came to BE the Answer. In John 6, the disciples came to Jesus because they saw He how had fed the 5,000. Perhaps they remembered the story they had been told of their fathers’ journey in the wilderness and how God had rained down manna from heaven. Could this Jesus be doing what only God could do – providing bread out of nowhere?

Jesus came to do so much more than provide a meal. He came to Be the Bread of Life. To be the essence of our existence. To BE our answer. To Be our daily provision, as well as to provide us with that which we need.


Read John 6:26-58 and answer the following “growing together” questions:

1. In John 6:26 Jesus told His followers that they were seeking Him for what they could get out of Him. Do you know people who have done that? Have you ever allowed your prayer life to be all about what you could get out of Jesus?

2. What would you say is your primary purpose for seeking after Jesus?

3. In verse 27, Jesus said they were not to labor for the food which perishes. Explain that verse in your own words.

4. In verse 29, Jesus explains the works of God as believing in Him whom He sent. Have you truly done that? Have you been born again (John 3:3)?
If you’re not sure, please email me at stephanieshott (@) me (dot) com. I’d love to help you clarify that most important question.

5. Jesus reminds them that it was God, not Moses, who gave their fathers their daily bread in the Wilderness of Sin. Is there anything in your life that you attribute to someone other than God? Perhaps your talents, your finances, your job, your children, ect…? If so, would you be willing to write it out as a testimony that you are acknowledging the Lord as the Giver of everything you are and everything you have?

6. Read verse 37. What assurance do you find there?

7. What do you think Jesus means in verses 53-58?

8. As a missionary to Costa Rica, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the Exodus account of the children of Israel’s journey through the Wilderness of Sin. The word, sin means without in Spanish. They were walking in the wilderness without food and without faith. That happens to us in our own wilderness journeys. We suffer an area of lack and our faith often suffers, as well. Are you walking through a difficult season in your life right now? Do you need to Jesus to be the Bread of Life in your circumstances – to give life to your weary heart and sustain you in time of need?

Jesus really desires to do more than give you an answer for the circumstances you face; He desires to BE the Answer to your circumstances – to Be the One you desire to fill the longing in your heart.

Perhaps Jesus led you into a wilderness so that you would be heart-aching, empty-feeling, on-your-knees kind of hungry…all so He could be the One who fills your hurting heart and your longing soul. Jesus is the Bread of Life. Let Him be that for you today!

I hope you’ll get some girlfriends together and join me as we continue our Bible study on Jesus! Remember – if you have any questions or comments, or if you want to share your answers, pop in and write them in the comment section.



  1. Thanks for this Stephanie!

    God is working me over pretty hard these days. He wants me to accept that HE alone is the answer, not people. I have such an unhealthy need for the approval and affirmation of people. I lean too hard on the encouragement of people. God is hammering me over and over and over to look to Him to meet my needs. It's sinking in slowly, but lifelong habits/strongholds are hard to break. I'm excited to study God's word along with you, my sweet friend. Love you, Lee

  2. Lee ~ Thanks so much for your willingness to share your heart. I'm excited you're joining me in this journey. I absolutely love studying the Word of God. It through the Word that we are strengthened and gain clarity to see ourselves as God's girls. Complete in Him. How awesome is that!

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