Jesus – The True Vine

I’ve got some exiting news at the end of this post. But I really want to take a journey through John 15:1-8 with you first. My good news can wait – but the Word of the Living God is anxiously waiting to make a difference in our lives. So let’s dig in!

“I AM the True Vine, and My Father is the Vinedresser. Any branch in Me that does not bear fruit [that stops bearing] He cuts away (trims off, takes away); and He cleanses and repeatedly prunes every branch that continues to bear fruit, to make it bear more and richer and more excellent fruit.” John 15:1-2 Amplified

Oh goodness girls, I so desperately want to share all the sweet nuggets of truth found in today’s verses, but how in the world could I possibly do this power-packed segment of Scripture justice in one post? So, today, we’re going to drive home some important truths, but sometime after the first of the year we’ll dive in head first and do a verse by verse study of John 15?

But for now, could you take a few minutes and read today’s text (John 15:1-8).

Have you ever heard of Blossom Drop? It’s when a plant flowers as if it’s going to produce fruit, but something happens and blossoms drop before the fruit comes forth.

Blossom Drop can be caused by several factors. It may be due to weather conditions. If it’s too cold, too wet or too dry, the blossoms drop and no fruit is produced. It may be exposure to too much nitrogen or from a deficiency of magnesium. But when certain unfavorable conditions are present, Blosson Drop occurs.

It can happen in our lives when we expose ourselves to the harsh elements of this world. It can happen when we get too much of a good thing or not enough of the essential. But it always happens as a result of losing contact with the Living God.

Did you notice in John 15, the Lord describes Himself as the True Vine. Not a substitute – not a resemblance of the real thing – not imperfect or defective – but the real deal. Jesus is the True Vine, and the Heavenly Father is the Vinedresser – the One that cares for the crop, and we are the branches.

There is no life in a branch that has been severed from the vine. The union of the two is absolutely necessary if fruit is going to be produced. But it’s interesting to note that Jesus put Himself in the position of the Vine indicating that if fruit is going to come forth on planet earth, it will do so primarily through us.

Look at Jeremiah 23:5. Who is the Branch and what will He do?

Now read John 15:1. Who is the Vine and who is the branch?

How exiting to find that when the Lord talks about reigning over the land, it is Jesus who is the Branch, but when He talks about producing fruit for the purpose of impacting the land, He becomes the True Vine and ascribes the role of the branches to us.

In John 15:2, explain what happens to the branches that bear no fruit.

What happens to the branches that produce fruit and why? (John 15:2)

In John 15:3, What makes His disciples clean?

Read John 15:4-5. What do you think it means to abide in Jesus?

Can you say that you are abiding in Christ today?

According to these verses, what can you accomplish if you don’t abide in Christ?

Verse 6 has been a hotly debated verse for centuries, but I want you to walk with me through it a bit and I think you may come to the same conclusion as I have.

Read John 15:6. What happens to branches that do not abide in the True Vine?

Now read Matthew 5:13. What happens to flavorless salt?

Read Matthew 5:14-16. What is the purpose of the light?

Matthew 5:14-16 explains that it would be ridiculous to light a light and then stick it under a bushel. That wouldn’t make sense. It would be worthless if you did that.

In the same way, the branches that don’t abide in Christ would be worthless too. Branches who don’t abide in Christ are just targets for the enemy. They are exposed to the harsh elements of this world without the benefit of drawing strength and vital nourishment from the Vine. They rob themselves of essential ingredients that make for a healthy and productive branch. They lack the ability to stand when the winds of this world begin to batter their lives. They look like they’re trying to produce fruit, but they develop blossom drop and they lose the essence of their value.

Like flavorless salt and light hidden under a bushel – fruitless branches aren’t accomplishing what they were created for and are open game for the world to walk all over them or disregard them. That’s not to be the life of a branch who bears the name of Christ. He died to give us so much more than a barren life. He wants us to bear fruit.

Read John 15:7. Explain how you think the process of abiding in Christ should filter our prayer life.

Does John 15:7 give us reason to believe that because we are Christians we have a free ticket to ask for and expect anything we want? Explain your answer.

According to John 15:8, how is our Heavenly Father glorified?

It’s not always easy to abide in Christ. Life often distracts us from that which matters most. Circumstances become barriers and our time is often filled with the frenzied and the frivolous. But abiding in Christ is necessary if we are going to produce fruit. It’s not easy, but sticking close to Jesus when the world is pulling us in so many directions is the only way we will be what we were recreated to be – fruitful.


What are you doing to protect your time with the Lord?

What are you allowing to be more important than abiding with Christ?

What are some ways you can prevent blossom drop?

There are no shortcuts to abiding in Christ. It all comes down to spending time in the Word and in prayer. When we do that we can be like the tree planted by the river – producing fruit in every season. Whether we’re facing the good, the bad or the ugly – we can produce fruit in every season.

But they delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.” Psalm 1:2-3


Thank you, sweet friend, for spending some time with me in the Word. Don’t you just love how He loves us and makes Himself known to us! He delights in our love for Him and His Word…and I know you would agree with me when I say, I just want to live my life like one big, ginormous “Thank You” card to make the heart of my Savior smile!

Now, I can’t wait to share with you that I just received the edited version of my book today and that means it’s one step closer to being on the shelves. But my prayer is that God will use it to impact women who will begin to confidently and intentionally live this life on purpose and with purpose.

Girls, I never intended on writing a book, but for such a time as this, He has opened this door. I want to faithfully walk through it encouraging women to make this life count for more than a vapor – for much more than grasping at the wind. Would you join me in praying that the Lord will do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think!

I love you all and and want you to know you are the object of my prayers!


  1. Beautiful sharing! Congratulations on the book!


  2. Lisa ~ I'm so glad you are on this Bible study journey with me! I also want you to know, I count it a privilege to call you friend.

    And, by the way, I had a blast tweeting with you today in Twitterville.

  3. Thank you for spending time in the Word to present it to us so beautifully and passionately.
    John 15 is fast becoming a favorite passage.

    Congratulations on how things are going with your book!!

  4. just got thru reading, its very in deep in revelation, been studing up on the true vine, so it was on time, congrats to you.

  5. Kela ~ Thanks for walking through the Word with me! Don't you just love how rich and deep His Word is! I'm with you – I love John 15.

  6. Anonymous ~ Thank you so much for being part of our study today! God's Word is so rich and powerful and so life altering! I love how He loves us! Hope to see you again soon!

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