Philippians – A Tale of Two Men

Good morning, ladies! It’s Friday again! It feels like it was just Tuesday. Wow! Time flies.

I want you all to know I felt like I was showered with prayer yesterday! What amazing women you are! I got emails, Facebook messages and comments that just blew me away! Thank you so much for your love and your prayers! They really do mean more than I can begin to say. I was feeling the love yesterday and it was wonderful! Don’t you love being part of God’s forever family!

How’d you do with Wednesday’s lesson about being poured out? Did you make your list and check it twice? Did you figure out some ways you can pour your lives out for those around you? Can I just say that I think you poured yourself out for me a bit yesterday and I’m SO grateful! That reminds me of something I read in My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. He said, “Prayer IS the work.”

Being poured out isn’t always something others see. Oftentimes, it’s exemplified best behind closed doors as you pour yourself out in prayer for someone else. When there’s nothing else you can do – pour yourself out in prayer. When you can do something else – do it…and pour yourself out in prayer too.

Today, we’re going to finish Philippians 2 up. Begin today’s study by reading Philippians 2:19-30.

As we look at this tale of two men, we’ll find Paul’s description of these blood bought brothers in Christ to be very telling.

1. Read through Paul’s description of Timothy (Philippians 2:19-23) and write out the words or phrases that Paul used to describe him.

2. Based on Paul’s description, do you have a Timothy in your life?

3. Could Paul’s description of Timothy be used to describe your life?

4. Are you a Timothy to someone else?

5. Are there any character traits mentioned that you need to work on in your own life?

Now let’s turn our attention to Epaphroditus. This man was wide open for the cause of Christ. His love for God and others wore him slap out! His life certainly makes us take a look at our own Christianity, doesn’t it? He poured himself out until there was nothing left. Maybe that’s not the best thing to do. We can’t pour from an empty vessel. But Epaphroditus certainly left some big ministry shoes to fill!

6. Read through Paul’s description of Epaphroditus(Philippians 2:25-30) and write out the words or phrases that Paul used to describe him.

7. Do you have an Epaphroditus in your life?

8. Could Paul’s description of Epaphroditus be used to describe your life?

9. Are you an Epaphroditus to some one else? To a local church?

10. Did Epaphroditus have character traits that you need to work on in your own life?

Today, we looked at a tale of two men whose love for God and others was obvious by the way they lived. So many practical lessons can be learned by examining the descriptions Paul gave for each of these men. You see, we each have a testimony to share about how Christ saved us and changed us, but we also have a different kind of testimony. The one others use to describe us.

The question is, what would be the tale of you as described by others? What words would others use to describe your life? You supply their word choices by the way you live your life…and so do I.

Paul, Timothy and Epaphroditus leave us quite a legacy of Godly character. Not perfect men. Just men who loved Jesus and set their face like a flint to serve Him – to live the life He died to give them – to walk worthy of the calling He had given them. Their lives leave us no other alternative but to ask this question…what kind of legacy are we leaving?

Let this weekend be a time of reflection in which we think about the words others would use to describe our lives…about the legacy we’re leaving…and about what we need to assure that we’re leaving a good one!

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© Stephanie Shott, 2011


  1. Great thoughts, Stephanie! Thanks for questions to ponder. Love you!

  2. Lynn ~ You're a sweetie! Isn't Philippians amazing! I'm looking for joy and getting conviction! Joy too…but definitely conviction! 🙂

  3. Thought provoking! These were difficult questions to answer for me. I long for those kind of “running buddies”. It' coming though!

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