Philippians – Glorious One

“To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen. Greet every saint in Christ Jesus. The brothers who are with me greet you. All the saints greet you, especially those of Caesar’s household. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.” Philippians 4:22-23

Can you believe it? We’re at the end of our study of Philippians. But before we dive into today’s final lesson, my prayer is that, although we’ve finished our study, I hope we will never stop living out the lessons we’ve learned.

I’m so honored that you’ve taken this journey with me through the Word! It not only beckons us to believe what it says, but it also calls us to carry out its precepts and principles – to live what we believe.

Paul forms his salutations on the heels of a great statement of praise and worship… “To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.” And He finishes his letter commending the ongoing presence of God’s grace through Jesus Christ in the lives of the believers there in Philippi.

Today, let’s take some time to praise the Glorious One.

The One who will complete the work He began in us (Phil 1:6)

The One who made Himself of no reputation and took upon Himself the form of a servant and became obedient unto the death of the cross (Phil 2:5-8)

The One to whom every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord to the glory of God the Father (Phil 2:9-11)

The One who is worth giving up everything for in order that we might know Him more (Phil 3:8)

The One whose imparted righteousness gives us right standing before the Living God (Phil 3:9)

The One who will transform our bodies to become like His glorious one (Phil 3:21)

The One who gives us power to live beyond ourselves and do all things through Him (Phil 4:13)

The One who will supply all our needs (Phil 4:19)

The One who is forevermore the Glorious One (Phil 4:20)

Jesus is the GLORIOUS ONE, sweet friend! Nothing can be compared to Him – nothing is greater than knowing Him.

As we close the page on our study of Philippians, I just want to encourage you to give yourself fully to the One who gave Himself fully for you! He loves you, sweet sister! He loves you!

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© Stephanie Shott, 2011


  1. Oh wow Stephanie. Its the end! What a set of verses for Philippians to end with.

    Thank you so much for bringing us together through the Word!

    Yes! Let's continue to praise the GLORIOUS ONE!

    The title of today's post immediately had me thinking of Steve Fee's song “Glorious One” :

  2. Kela ~ I'm so thankful we were in this journey together…still are! 🙂

    I meant to upload that video to the post. Thanks for putting on the comment. When I have a few minutes, I'll try to upload it!

    Blessings, sweet friend!

  3. Hey, sweet Stephanie! Thank you for all your hard work and your servant's heart to share with all of us. The Glorious One…the One to Whom all praise shall be made! Blessings!

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