When God is Silent – Tested by Silence

Hi ladies! I’m at Scripture Dig today talking about how sometimes our season of silence is a time when we are being tested by silence. You might be surprised by who was tested by God’s silence in the Bible!

Let’s just say it’s encouraging to know that some of the godly that have gone before us have walked the wilderness of silence too.

I thought that rather than getting you started with the beginning of the post here, I’d just ask you to pop in over there and begin at the beginning. (You won’t have to find your place that way!) πŸ™‚

You can click here to continue at Scripture Dig.


  1. Hopping over to continue at Scripture Dig …

  2. Hi Beth! I'm so glad you're in this thing with me! Those seasons of silence can be so daunting at times! But there's purpose in the silence…and there's also His presence in the silence…even when we can't feel it! πŸ™‚

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