Jury Duty and a Book Launch

I’m terribly sorry I missed my normal Monday morning post, but SO much has been going on lately! My book hit the shelves and you girls know that’s a huge answer to prayer…but it also means it’s time for me to get to work!

Right now, we’re doing a soft launch, but the week of October 3rd, we’ll be doing a concentrated launch and I sure could use your help that week! 

My biggest need is prayer! Prayer that God would use the book to spark our hearts to be more intentional about our eternity. We all long to hear those coveted words, “Well done good and faithful servant” – but we often live like this life is all there is. My prayer is that God would use this book to change that for each of us. I know it has made a tremendous impact on my own heart as I researched Ecclesiastes to write it. 

I’d also love to have you pray for the salvation of those who will be reading it that have never been born again. I have a day of study devoted to that specific topic…so please pray!!  How awesome would that be if you one day get to meet someone in heaven because you prayed for them!

If you’re a Facebooker, Twitterer or Blogger,  it would mean SO much if you’d consider joining the blog tour the week of October 3rd and/or having a Twitter/Facebook fest? 

If you’d like to help a sistah out and get some ladies digging in Ecclesiastes, just send me an email and I’ll get some info headed your way. My email address is stephanieshott@me.com.

Tomorrow, I give you some more information about ways you can help my debut Bible study if you’re interested, but today I’m going to share some life lessons I learned from jury duty.

This morning I had to be at the courthouse for my first experience at jury duty! I may be a bit weird, but I really did think it was uber cool! After hours of hurrying up and waiting, I ended up in a court room where I, along with the other perspective jurors, was given the ins and outs of what it means to be a juror in a criminal case.

As citizens of the land of the free and the home of the brave, each defendant is afforded the privilege of standing before a jury of his/her peers and be considered innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof lies on the state to show guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. (See, I was listening! :-))

That may be how it is in the western hemisphere of Planet Earth, but when we stand before the God of all creation there will be no trial by jury. We will not be considered innocent until proven guilty. The Living God will not have the burden of proof. We will just be declared guilty because we are just that.

We are the guilty who have been declared innocent because the Innocent One chose to be declared guilty – to pay the sin debt that we rightfully should have to pay.

The Righteous Judge accepts the payment of the Righteous Son of God and when we receive Him we stand forgiven…pardoned…free! 

“For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.” 2 Corinthians 5:21

It’s amazing how the Lord can use the ordinary to remind us of the extraordinary! 

Today, I was reminding of grace, forgiveness and redemption! What’s He showing you today?


  1. So excited to see the book and to help you get the words out Stephanie! I will be praying with you.

  2. WOW Steph! Those are powerful words: “We are the guilty who have been declared innocent because the Innocent One chose to be declared guilty – to pay the sin debt that we rightfully should have to pay.” That is some good stuff. Really good stuff.

    I'd be honored to help you any way I can with your book. So, let me know of some specific ways I can help. And … of course, how I can purchase a copy of your book where YOU will get the highest amount of return for it. 😉

  3. Thanks for your love and prayers Julie! Love ministering with you! 🙂

  4. Hi Shelly!

    Thanks so much for the sweet words! Aren't you glad we can look back at the cross and know all of what He did was for us! Amazing love, how can it be…that You my King would die for me!

    And thank you so much for the offer to help with the book launch! I'm sending out some info by email this evening, so could you send me your email address?

    And thanks for offering to purchase it! The biggest way to help is to ask your local book store to order it if they don't already have it. It takes a bit longer that way, but they normally order more than one (especially if they're encouraged to) so they can have them on stock for future sales. 😉

    Love ya girl! Can't wait to meet you in real life and I hope that is sooner than later!!! Just sayin'!

  5. Stephanie,

    I'll be glad to do whatever I can to help promote your book! Email me at kella1953@aol.com. I'll be searching online to day to findo ut where Ican purchase your book. Loved your devo today, also! Hugs to you and congratulations!!!


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