Beautifully Gifted

Today, I’d love to introduce you to Angela Bisignano. I met this sweet sister through a fellow friend, Shelly Hendrix (Church4Chicks), and was drawn to Angela’s heart for God and God’s girls. She truly is inspiring and encouraging. She’s beautiful inside and out and smart too!

Angela and I have several things in common. We both love Jesus; We both love ministering to women through speaking and writing; We both are launching our books at the same time; We both love seeing women walk victoriously in their giftedness.

 I am honored to introduce Angela to you today and tell you about her new book, Beautifully Gifted!

Here’s a bit about her wonderful new book:

Beautifully Gifted: Equipping Today’s Women for the High Calling of God is about
empowering women in their giftedness and calling. In the book women are led on a journey to help deepen their understanding of what God is doing in their lives. Beautifully Gifted is for the woman who knows there is more to her life than she is presently experiencing. She knows that her life is for a greater purpose and that God is calling her to more; however, she is not quite sure what this personally means.

We all want to know that God created us for something meaningful and significant. This desire lies in the heart of every woman. God has uniquely created each one of us; no two individuals are exactly alike. This is part of the wonder of God’s plan. Beautifully Gifted will inspire you to discover and pursue God’s high calling. We all have a role to play in God’s great adventure, to be His hands and heart to this world. Beautifully Gifted encourages women to explore how their unique personality, gifts, passion, and life story are meant for the Kingdom of God.

God continues His story of beauty and redemption in your giftedness and life. His desire is that you would know how He has uniquely created you – to enjoy an intimate and passionate life with Him. Beautifully Gifted will challenge and motivate you to pursue the most poignant and personal adventure of all, the high calling of God.

Here’s a bit about Angela:

Angela Bisignano has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and an M.S. in Ministry.  She has been working with women for over fifteen years: counseling, consulting, teaching, and mentoring. She has worked in community, hospital, church and private practice settings. Angela is passionate about empowering people to find the hope and joy in God’s high calling. Angela’s first book, Beautifully Gifted: Equipping Today’s Women for the High Calling of God has just been released. Currently, she is speaking and leading workshops on the topic. She and her husband Gerard are raising their two sons, Jonathan and David. Angela spends her time divided between the beauty of Southern California living and the Sierra Mountains. She loves her family, connecting to the hearts of her boys, deep conversation, traveling, and long walks with her golden retriever, Bella.

Y’all know my heart beats with a passion to see women fulfill their own God-given passions…so you understand why I’m so excited about this book!

I hope you’ll not only purchase it and begin your own adventure of becoming who you were created to be, but I also hope you’ll connect with her!

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