You Won’t Find What You Need On the Computer

Happy 2012, sweet friends!

I’ve got a confession to make! I’ve been so busy in the work that I sometimes neglect to really bask in the presence of the God I’m working for! Do you do that?

If you’re involved in ministry you know it’s a slow fade from worshipping God to worshipping the work He has called us to. Just this morning, I was sitting at the computer before church and instead of rushing in to spend time with Him, I rushed over to my email to check to see if I had heard from a specific friend. I know I won’t find Jesus on a computer screen, yet I sit in front of it, working like a wild woman and neglecting to give God the first fruits of my day.

Crazy! Right?! It doesn’t even make sense!

Oh, it’s not that I don’t spend time with the Lord, but I need to count it as much more precious than research for a talk I’m preparing or a writing project that I’m working on! 

A gentlemen once told me there is a difference between the time we spend in the Word and in prayer and the time we spend in study…and we need to do both every day.

And so, as we enter 2012, let us set our faces like a flint to make a difference…but let us get up to make that difference only after we’ve spent time with the Living God!

Today, I’m posting a video to talk a little bit about how you can’t find Jesus on a computer screen, a little bit about The M.O.M. Initiative and a little bit about making this year count for eternity! Hope you’ll join me!

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