Becoming You – Our “Thought Filter” (Lesson 7)

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Have you ever believed the lies that say you’re not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough or anything else enough to make a difference for God. Lies that tell you, “Be afraid, be silent, be complacent, be anxious, be defeated or be like the rest of the world.” Lies that say, “God doesn’t care, God isn’t there, God has left you, God has forgotten you, God won’t use you or God won’t forgive you.”

As we enter the next three lessons we will learn how to be combat ready and defeat the lies, the fiery darts and the wayward thoughts that can destroy our God-given destinies. So let’s determine to do this thing well. Coming this far and then stopping dead in our tracks is like running a race and stopping short of the finish line. So, press on, sweet friend, and load your ammunition!

As you read through your Bible study today, you will be encouraged to look up Scripture that will help you deal biblically with thoughts that pelt your heart and mind and constantly challenge you to believe what is true rather than what you feel or think.

If you struggle with thoughts of fear, grab your concordance or go to and look up verses that define what God says instead of what you feel or think.

For example: If fear is your foe, what passages can you park in the corridors of your heart to counter the incoming missiles designed to destroy you. Don’t just memorize 2 Timothy 1:7… filter your thoughts through that power-packed, fear-quenching verse. Look up how many times the Lord declares, “Do not fear!” and then chose to believe in it…to walk in it…to fear God alone, not anything else.

Remember, the only thing we really have to fear is God and when we fear Him we have nothing else to fear!

Whatever it is that is hindering you in your journey, it has to be dealt with or you’ll never move forward. If you don’t begin to have victory over those areas now, when will you?

The Lord is calling many of you to do things beyond yourself and you’re afraid, you don’t feel qualified, you aren’t sure if you want to make the sacrifice or do what’s needed. But don’t let your fears and doubts flood your mind when God has called your heart to follow Him and His plan for your life. Don’t be stopped in your tracks when the finish line is just within your reach!

When you hear the Lord say, “This is the way – Walk in it.” get yourself in gear, guard your heart and filter your thoughts through the Word. When thoughts contrary to His call come your way, filter each one through the water of the Word of God.

What is it God is leading you to do that has you shaking in your boots? What verses do you use to filter your thoughts through?

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