One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Today’s post is adapted from one of my talks, “Diving Designs”… Perhaps someone needs to know there are no cookie-cutter women…and that’s okay!

I was in the dressing room a few months back trying on some tights. That’s right…tights. The little lady at Stein Mart told me they were “in” and they’d look cute under the dress I was holding in my hand, so me being me and having no fashion sense whatsoever, – I decided to take her up on it.

I didn’t know what size to get, since tights aren’t part of my daily attire, but the woman assured me they would fit because they were “one size fits all.” After wiggling and wrestling with those things for about 5 minutes, I finally got them on. The only problem was, I couldn’t get them off. I pulled, and tugged, heard a few sounds that were reminiscent of threads being torn apart when all of a sudden, I fell back on the little bench holding those rightly named “tights” in my hands. All I wanted to do is find a huge magic marker and write NO IT DOESN’T on the label under “One Size Fits All.”
Look around at the women in your sphere of influence. We come in all colors, shapes and sizeswe are not cookie cutter women…one size doesn’t fit all. We have different backgrounds, different desires, different dreams, different personalities, perspectives, plans, purposes, pains. We’re all in different season of our lives, we have different interests and as Christians, different spiritual gifts. 
We are as different as night and day, yet…we’re the same. When we remove the mask that camouflages our souls and hides our hearts…we are all the same.
We all want to be loved, accepted and appreciated. We all want to know our lives mean something…that we are significant. We all battle fear, face failure and long for lasting friendships with someone who will lift us up when we are down, someone who will cry with us when we cry, laugh with us when we laugh and let us be who we really are without feeling like a complete idiot.
We are uniquely created by a Loving God Who delights in our differences, yet has chosen to weave the same thread of the human heart in each of us. We are His divine designs. Fashioned by the Great I Am for His own glory.

Today, sweet friend, bask in your uniqueness and let your friends bask in theirs too! And let those qualities that make you you be all for His glory! All for Him!

What is it that makes you you? Do you struggle with being different? Do you have a hard time letting others be different than you? Do you realize you are a Divine design?



  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning! I can just picture you in the dressing room wrestling with those tights! That would so be me!
    Thanks too for the beautiful reminder that we are all uniquely the same!

  2. On size fits all?? that is way too funny. I am thinking no… we are not the same shapes at all. Not all 10's are the same. All 12's… I am a 12 petite but my sister in law is even more petite in 'height' so what fits me won't fit her correctly. (in fact she makes me feel tall and I am 4 foot 11)

  3. Hi Thoughts for the day! Yeah…I don't thing 1 size fits all is a possibility. We're all different shapes and sizes. 🙂

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