Praying the Prodigals Home – 4

Praying for prodigals can be daunting when your heart faints and your faith grows week. But God is not a man that He should lie. He cannot break His promises. He is faithful and true and His Word is reliable. 

We may not see Him working, but He is. He works behind the scenes of the hearts of man. He does not sleep nor grow weary. He is consistently at work in the heavenlies where our finite minds are limited by this veil of flesh and blood. 

The prodigals may wonder in the wilderness of foolish choices, but our faithful Father will bring them back.

Today, I’m providing some more Scriptures to claim as you pray for your prodigal and for the other prodigals listed below too.

What a privilege to pray together! I can’t wait to hear how the Lord starts bringing them home, one by one.

Today, it’s time to pray as if it is already accomplished… as if you know He is at work… BECAUSE HE IS! Rather than only begging Him for what your heart aches for, pray to the One you know is working on your behalf. As you pray, lift up THANKS TO THE LORD FOR WHAT HE IS DOING AND GOING TO DO. 


“For the iniquity of his covetousness
I was angry and struck him;
I hid and was angry,
And he went on backsliding in the way of his heart.
I have seen his ways, and will heal him;
I will also lead him,
And restore comforts to him
And to his mourners.” Isaiah 57:17-18


“But thus says the LORD: ‘Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible be delivered; For I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will save your children.'”
“I will gather those who sorrow over the appointed assembly,
Who are among you,
The Lord your God in your midst,
The Mighty One, will save;
He will rejoice over you with gladness,

                             He will quiet you with His love,
                        He will rejoice over you with singing.”

To whom its reproach is a burden.
Behold, at that time I will deal with all who afflict you;
I will save the lame,

                        And gather those who were driven out;

I will appoint them for praise and fame
In every land where they were put to shame.

At that time I will bring you back,

                             Even at the time I gather you;

For I will give you fame and praise

                          Among all the peoples of the earth,
                    When I return your captives before your eyes,”
                                    Says the Lord.”

Here are the names of the prodigals we are praying for:


Have you added your prodigal’s name to the list? If not, please do so in the comments and we will add them to the list.
Never give up. Never give in. It’s time to pray like crazy and trust God to be who He says He is and do what He says He will do. 
I can’t wait to hear how He has parted the Red Sea of redemption, restoration and salvation for all of the prodigals being prayed for!


  1. Please Add:


    • Please add Carly.

    • Please add Eric please add Carol

      • Sorry, I’ve had such a delay in responding but my website has been down. Praying for Eric and Carol right now and can’t wait to hear how Jesus moves in their hearts and lives!

        • I have added my two prodigal adult children to the list in the past. Is that list on going or do I need to add them again? Jennifer and Matthew. They left the path of God 8 years ago. I miss them so much. I see God bringing back a tenderness in Matthew but only a cold hard heart with Jennifer unless God is working in a way I can not tell yet. Jennifer does not allow us to see her or our grandchildren. Matthew calls ocassionally but is not standing on the Truth. Our hearts break as parents who love them so much and taught them God’s Holy Word. Please continue to pray for them. I believe God will answer. “Heal us, O LORD, and we shall be healed, save us and we shall be saved, for Thou art my praise” (taken from Jeremiah 17:14) That is my prayer today. Thank you,
          and God bless,

    • Please pray for Noah and everything we are going through . Satan has tried to distroy our lives and he has put us in a very stressful situation but I know without a doubt that God has a plan and it will come to pass. Every day brings a different concern and I couldnt hold these reigns if I wanted to. Jesus has complete control and we are just trying to hold on.

    • Please add Zachery.

    • Please pray for our son, Johnny. It has been 10 years since he walked away from his relationship with the Lord. Every time we get a glimpse of hope, the enemy seems to take a stronger foothold on Johnny’s soul. We believe God will lead him back to the foot of the cross…trying not to grow weary in waiting. Thank you so much!

      • Oh wow! Ten years is such a long time for a momma’s heart to hurt for her child! Praying with you for Johnny and looking forward to the day when Johnny comes back to Jesus!

    • Please add my husband John

    • Please add: Jeremy

    • Please add Dustyn

      • Praying with you for Dustyn, Kara! That he will be strong in the faith and will live his life to know God and make Him known. And that he will not be deceived but will be bold and unashamed to stand for what is true and right. And to love the Lord with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength. In Jesus’ name!

    • Please add our son Dustyn

    • Please pray for my son Emmanuel , who is a prodigal on drugs , alcohol and gambling

      • Praying with you Delores, for your son Emmanuel! Praying that he will be saved, delivered, and become the man of God that God created him to be!

    • Please add Ryan Rusty Paige Wes Becca Brittney

      • Praying with you for Ryan, Rusty, Paige, Wes, Becca, and Brittney… that God would work in their lives in t he places they need it most…that they will be saved and discover how to walk by faith and not by sight… that they will be men and women of God who are passionate about knowing Him and making Him known.

    • Please add Brent and Colby to the list

    • Please add Sam, Sandy, Kyler and Madison.

      • Praying with you for Sam, Sandy, Kyler and Madison! That they will come to know Jesus and live for Him all the days of their lives.

  2. Thank you for adding those precious names Delores and for the honor of praying with you for them!

  3. josh, adam, jeremy, greg, darlene,sherri, rebecca, lyndsay, douglas, toby, hope, kawlija, mellissa, gail, leon , jason Thank you !!!

  4. L, thanks so much for adding these to the list! Praying with you!

  5. please add Caleb to your list

  6. Anonymous ~ Thank you SO much for adding Caleb's name to the list. It's an honor to pray with your for him!

  7. PRAISE REPORT !!!!!!!!!! You know sometimes God is just TOO good ! So the next day ! after I added my list one on the list happens to be my brother and is currently in jail. has began praying ! with the jail pastor ! I was lucky enough to hear about this through a prayer request for prayer warriors which came via email ! You never know where a persons heart truly is , but GOd does ! I'm so thankful he^ shared this ray of hope for me to physically see. I'm excited for what the future holds for ALL those names you boldly submitted to the Lord & have faithfully prayer over. Local church here had this to say… ” God can move mountains, FAITH & PRAYER can move God !” He's simply waiting on us to believe hes got our back , cares about the things of our heart , and wants to be called into action ! Thank you all for your diligence ! ><>

  8. L,

    I'm SOOOO excited for you and your family. And I'm SOOOO thankful you shared the praise report about your brother! Amen! And AMEN!! 🙂

  9. Please pray for our dear daughter Jeni who became a Christian at a young age and two years ago at the age of 21 (after years of being a person full of joy) went far away from Jesus (internet, inappropriate influences and sex toys from a male friend, pornography, sexual activity, rudeness and hardness of heart) and has now left home – we don’t know where she is living but love her very much.

    • Praying with you for your daughter, my friend! Looking forward to to hearing when her heart turns back to Jesus and she is serving Him with all she has!

  10. Please pray for my daughter Tiffany. She is wounded and broken and angry. As a result, she wounds her own daughter, my precious grandchild.

    • Praying for Tiffany, Marti! God is the Master at healing the broken and making beauty out of ashes. Praying that for Tiffany!

  11. Please, please add Ellen

  12. Please add Jordan

  13. Please pray for our daughter Beth!

  14. Please pray for Lauren, Julianna, Amy & Ivan. Thank you so much.

  15. Please pray for my 17 yr old son Jordan and our family as seek Gods guidance and strength in parenting him through this time. May God be glorified!

    • Praying for Jordan and for you all – that God would give you the wisdom to parent him in these difficult years and that Jordan’s heart will be tender and receptive to God and to His will.

  16. Please pray for Nathan, he has left home at 16 and will not speak to us, and is making poor choices. Praying every day for him to come home.Our family misses him more than anything.

    • JC, how old is Nathan now? Praying that every road Nathan goes down will lead him back to God and back home to you!

  17. Thank you so much for this site. At times I feel there is no one who understands the sorrow. He is 16 and has been away from home for 4 months. He is now In the care of his father, whom I have been divorced from for 11 years. Praying he, and all other prodigal children, return to their home and God… Love and peace to all families who are suffering…

  18. Derek

  19. Praying for your Derek… May God heal him and you. May he return swiftly and safely to your arms…

  20. Please add Ryan. I’ll add this list to my daily prayers. ♥

  21. Please add Jimmy to your list. Thanks!

  22. Please add Casey

  23. Please add Joshua. Thank you so much.

  24. Please add my son Kevin it’s been 4 long years…
    I’m sure it’s been worst for others.. I will pray for the families, parents and for our Prodigals..

  25. Please add Jared to your list he is in rehab for 6 mos. Overcoming addiction..Please pray for complete Healing.

  26. Please add Jared to your list he is in rehab for 6 mos. Overcoming addiction..Please pray for complete Healing.

  27. Please add Sara, Alan and Tad

  28. Hayley, Savannah, Nolan, Dean

    • It is me again… I guess I should explain. The first three are my children and the last is my husband. Hayley moved out after her 18th Birthday to live with a guy she met on the internet. She is still with him and is pregnant for the third time since she was 15(the first two lost in miscarriages). We want her to come back home. Savannah is a very LONG story but I will try to make it short… Back in May her boyfriend of almost three years cheated on her with her best friend. They broke up(& she can’t let go of him), their plan as a couple was to go to an internship in OKC call Youth America… She did go for a week and came back home. She has a calling in children’s ministry. She went because she was hoping to get back together with her ex but rumors got back to her Youth leaders and she got fed up and came home. To make a long story short… She hooked with an ex boyfriend that is very emotional and physically abusive to her. They are living together now without jobs and living on ppls hand outs. She quit her job a few weeks ago bc he asked her too. He is killing her being slowly. I don’t even know my own daughter anymore. She is still friends with that best friend that cheated with her ex boyfriend. She is very bad news!! Nolan is a sweet and loving kid!! His spiritual life was shot when the church turned their back on us a family. He is still young (14), but he was so on fire for God but he watched how so called Christans treated us that he has no interest anymore. Dean and I (have to include myself in there to) have fallen away also bc of what the church did to us and what other churches have done to us in the past. We as a family want to be brought back to the light and want our children back as well. It’s been a horrific last two years of emotional and physical stress. Plz keep us in ya’ll’s prayers. I have faith that everything will all work out and bring us all together as a family but its not my timing.

    • Praying with you for Hayley, Savannah, Nolan, and Dean… and for you and your hubby! So many hard things! Praying the Lord leads you to a thriving church that will embrace you and walk with you through things. We need each other and the hand can’t function without the rest of the body. The local church needs you and you need the local church.

      We were hurt pretty badly in a church situation too. The thing about the local church is that people are part of it. Some are lost… wolves in sheep clothing… and I’m convinced many don’t even know it. Some are saved but just as jacked up as the rest of us. And even in families there are disagreements and family members treat each other badly.

      Praying your children will turn back to Jesus quickly and that you will find an amazing church home soon!

  29. Please add Jennifer and Matthew

  30. Please pray for my son Kevin..He lives in a world of oppression addiction fear depression and insecurities ..May the Lord shine his light on his face show him the way, cleanse his whole self and give him a new self in Christ..May he be able to realize the Glory and love of our Heavenly Father and the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. IJNIP

  31. Please pray for my son Derek. He is saved, but yet has abandon all ties with his family. We don’t know where he is or how to each him.
    Thank you

  32. Please add Casey, Charlie, and Carlos.
    Thank you! I am honored to pray for all of your children as well.

    • I am happy to say that Charlie has been saved! Thank you, Jesus! And thank you everyone that helped me pray for him. Please keep praying for Casey as he is still lost. He needs URGENT prayers. He is in to things he shouldn’t be and hanging out with the wrong people. Also, Carlos is running from God. He is in to drugs and only God can bring him out. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

  33. Please add: Ashtin, Michaela, and David.

    • How my heart hurts with moms who are walking through such difficult times with their children! Praying with your for Ashtin, Michaela, and David – that the Lord would get ahold of their hearts and draw them unto Himself and that they would find Jesus to be their all-in-all and live the rest of their lives for Him.

  34. Pray for Haleigh

    • Lifting up Haleigh now and asking the Lord to open her eyes, to see how much He loves her and how the plan He has for her is better than anything she can plan for herself.

  35. Please add my son Braydan to the list. He has been such a good kid until he met his girlfriend. I don’t even know the person he has become. He seems very cold and has cut off pretty much everyone. I am aching with pain for him to see God’s truth. Thank you.

    • My heart hurts with you and for you Tonya! It’s so hard when we wonder what happened to the our children as we feel helpless watching them become someone we don’t even recognize and there’s nothing we can do. But we can pray relentlessly and trust the Lord to bring them back. Praying with you for Brayden Tonya!!

      • Stephanie, Thank you so much for your prayer for Braydan! I am so thankful for your site and support during this difficult time. God is definitely working through you and this site. Tonya

    • I pray for all our lost children…that our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ release them from all the strongholds of the enemy and removes the blinders the enemy has placed on our Children’s eyes. So they can see our Lord’s promise
      May he restore their hearts, minds and souls and make them new.IJNIP

  36. Please add my son Kevin

  37. Please pray for my son Tyler to come back to the Lord and be humbled.

  38. Please pray for Jackson and Madigan. They are the victims of parental alienation. They have been alienated from their mother, their family, and even God. They currently are choosing to live in an unsavory environment being exposed to terrible things. Please pray that their eyes will be opened to truth, that God will give them the courage to break free from negative influences and reunite them with loved ones. Thank you.

    • Praying with you for Jackson and Madigan! It’s so hard when we raise our children and the world pulls them into a life that doesn’t even line up with anything we taught them. Praying for their eyes to be open and their chains to be broken and that they will run back into the loving arms of their family very soon! In Jesus’ name!

    • I pray for Madigan, Jackson and their family and all Moffat our prodigals..May our Heavenly Father break all the strongholds of the enemy and restore their hearts and lives in Christ..We will claim victory IJNIP..
      Please pray for my son Kevin as he also is being.led by the enemies lies..

      • Last night I received copies of a police report showing where my ex husband was arrested after being passed out drunk in a fast food drive thru. In the report, my children are mentioned at home alone. I was told that his gf recently left him also. I am so praying that this is the breakthrough that I’ve been waiting for. My battle has been 7 years long also. Please continue to lift my children up in prayer as I continue to pray for all of our prodigals. Thank you so much.

        • Prayer warriors let’s stand ground in faith and prayer ….Let’s claim our victory against the enemy and his principalities…We are covered by the Sacred blood of Christ and he will bring our prodigals home…We will claim victory!!!!! IJNIP

  39. Love my stepsons as if they were my own. Ready for them to come back to God.

    • Praying for Jeremy and Josh with you! LOVE your heart for your stepsons! What a testimony of the love of Jesus and an example for other stepmoms!

  40. Pray for

    • Praying with you Beth! That Sarah and Patrick will soon walk in the truth and serve Jesus with a pure heart!

  41. Plz join me in prayer for prodicals; Shawn, sherry,daniel,Brandon, alex,Roseanne and kenith. Thank u and God bless u!

    • Praying your prodigals make their way back to the Lord very soon!

      • Please keep Matthew and Jennifer on list. It’s been over 7 long years. And how can I get entire list so I can be praying for other parents and their prodigals? I understand their broken hearts.

  42. Please pray for our son Isaac

  43. Please add Matthew and Jennifer. They’ve been prodigal for over 7 years. It hurts. Please tell me how to get entire list so I can pray for parents and prodigals. I understand their heartache. May The loving and Great SHEPHERD go bring the stray lambs back to HIS path of Righteousness.

  44. Asking for others to join forces in praying for Kayla E… She has been raised in the word, knows the beauty of Gods hands and yet is a wayward child. May Gods mercy be upon her and draw her back into his ways and His will for her.
    As I read this post I begin praying for others and their pain. Realizing I am not alone. Thank you Lord Jesus for your victory.

    • Oh Tina, it’s so hard when you know they know the Truth yet choose to walk away from it. Praying with you in for Kayla and looking forward to hearing when you precious prodigal daughter comes home to the arms of Jesus! And you are definitely not alone. My series on Praying for Your Prodigal is my most read ever. We pray for each other’s children as if they are our own.

  45. please pray for my son jeremy…he is 17, he left home in December. we lost my oldest in September in a car accident. He has been raised in a God fearing home, he has served in several ministries in our church and now he won’t talk to me or anyone else. this has truly been a very trying and heart breaking 8 months. I just pray that God brings him back and we find healing and restoration.

  46. please pray for my son jeremy…he is 17, he left home in December. we lost my oldest in September in a car accident. He has been raised in a God fearing home, he has served in several ministries in our church and now he won’t talk to me or anyone else. this has truly been a very trying and heart breaking 8 months. I just pray that God brings him back and we find healing and restoration.

  47. Please add my daughter Monica to the list. She has turned her back on our Lord. I just received her notice yesterday that our beliefs and values are no longer her own. She is 24. My heart is broken.

    • Oh how my heart breaks with yours, sweet mom of Monica! Praying with you for Monica and looking forward to hearing how God woos her back to Himself!

  48. Pray for Marty.raised in the word. Once stoic in his faith & strong moral character, now has allowed the lure of the world to take hold of him. I’d like to add a scripture that I pray over Marty & his siblings that you can pray over your loved ones too… Jeremiah 24:7 that God will give them hearts that recognise him as the Lord. They will be Gods ppl & he will be their God. They will always return wholeheartedly to him.

    • That breaks my heart! Praying for Marty with you and I will join you in praying that specific passage of Scripture for him.

      • Lifting up your loved one! My family is experiencing a similar thing with our daughter. We will pray without ceasing for God to break the earthly strongholds and return them to God. Ephesians 6 is my strength today.

  49. Please add my son Kevin, He still has not been released from the strongholds of the enemy..he continues to live in the world of drug addiction and everything else that comes with that lifestyle. I pray for healing and restoration for my son and all those children that are going through similar situation. The devil is a liar and we have to get our children back..In Jesus Holy and Precious name..Amen

  50. Please pray for Alex

  51. Please pray for my son Jonathan. He is angry and depressed and keeping us from our grandchildren. He has turned his back on God and the heritage in which he was raised.

  52. Jesse Christopher

  53. Please pray for my teenage sons Bailey and Brody. They have recently moved in with their dad, my ex husband. Him and his family are not Godly influences and are allowing them to do whatever they want. I am so worried.

    • Praying with you for Bailey and Brody! It’s so hard with one parent has different beliefs and values. Praying they hold to everything you’ve instilled in their hearts and cling to Jesus in spite of what their dad says or does. In spite of what anyone says or does… that they would know that Jesus is real in real life.

    • Prayers … I recently went through this with my son…it was by far the worst thing I have been through. Keep your heart open and your head up. Have faith, and know He is for you, not against you. I am praying for you and your boys. Btw…my son came back, and learned a valuable lesson.. GOD provides… Seek him with all of your heart, and lean on him <3

  54. Thank you for this encouraging prayer wall! Please add Meredith who has been running drim God for 9 years and Barnabas who is apathetic.


  55. Please add my son Kevin, He still has not been released from the strongholds of the enemy..he continues to live in the world of drug addiction and everything else that comes with that lifestyle. I pray for healing and restoration for my son and all those children that are going through similar situation. The devil is a liar and we have to get our children back..In Jesus Holy and Precious name..Amen

  56. Please add my daughter Kayla. She is 21 and it is going on 6 months since she ran away to live with her non-believing unstable and controlling boyfriend over 1,000 miles away. She gave up her faith, family, friends and education for this jerk. Our family is devastated as she was raised in faith and in a loving family.

    • Lisa my prayers are with you and your family..we will continue to claim our children..because they are not of the world but they are children of God!!!

      Please pray for my boys Kevin and Jared..

  57. Rachel and Mitchell

  58. Please add
    Timothy Jr
    Mike Jr

  59. Please add Brenda to this prayer list.

  60. Please pray for chandler

  61. Please add my son Blake who’s 34. I’ve been praying for my son for 18 years now. He moved from South Georgia to NYC 10 years ago.

    • Oh Cheryl! I know your momma heart longs to see your son walking in the Truth! Praying with you for Blake and knowing that Jesus saves to the uttermost… There is no place on this planet that Blake will be so far away that God can get ahold of his heart!

  62. Please pray for my daughter, Taylor

    • Praying with you for Taylor, Amber! That the Lord would run after her and bring her back to Himself and that she would be a woman of God who lives her life to know Him and make Him known!

  63. God is faithful! He gave me Isaiah 57:18 when Barnabas’ rebellion became apparent. Then He gave me Deut 31:6 & Psalm 94:9 for my heart.
    Today, God has worked mightily in Barnabas. He is not fully walking with Adonai, but he is on the right path. Through it all, I have learned to pray, trust, and wait. Our children belong to Him. He will work things in their lives in such a way that only He receives the honor and praise.
    Please continue to pray for Meredith who loves darkness more than light….

    • Teresa, I LOVE these verses! The Lord has given me Deuteronomy 57:18 before too! It’s a gift to share verses with one another to encourage each other to keep on praying and to never get used to our children being lost. Mommas who will stand in the gap for their kids who desperately need Jesus! Thank you for sharing those verses! God is faithful!

      • Please pray for my son Kevin may the Lord heal his heart from anger and oppression and addiction…i feel like every day I live is hell…i walk on eggshells..everything is a fight and a scream..i can’t live like this anymore..

        • Continuing to pray with your for Kevin! Praying for deliverance from the anger, oppression, and addiction! Are you involved in a local church or have some sweet sisters in Christ to confide in and who might join you in prayer?

        • Dear Stacy-
          I feel your pain and just encourage you to cling to Jesus. He is bigger than any storm that comes your way. Pray specifically for your son. Fast and pray. Keep on asking, seeking, and knocking! God wants your son to walk with Him even more than you do, sweet friend.

      • Please continue to pray for my son Kevin may the Lord heal his heart from anger and oppression and addiction…i feel like every day I live is hell…i walk on eggshells..everything is a fight and a scream..i can’t live like this anymore..

  64. I would like to add my sons – Chad and Jason – to the prayer list.

    • Praying with you Shelly, for your sons Chad and Jason! That God would bring them back to Himself! That they would be men who walk in the Truth and bring joy to your heart!

  65. Please pray for my daughter Jordan.

  66. Please pray for Spence that he would turn back to God and leave his destructive relationship.

    • Praying with you for Spence and Ryan! God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or think!

    • As we have been praying, our son is becoming increasingly estranged in our family and closer to this young woman than ever.
      Thank you for all the other praying mommas and poppas out there. Let’s pray our children back to God’s family and our immediate families.

  67. Please add my son Spence to the list

  68. Please add Ryan to the list

  69. Please add Clint to the list. Been estranged for over 10 years.

    • Oh Kim, my heart broke when I read your request for your precious son Clint! 10 years is SO long! I prayed immediately with a momma’s heart for Clint! May he come back soon! Very soon… in Jesus’ name!

    • Dear Kim-we have a daughter who has been in a very bad relationship for 10 years as well. Even so, she is beginning to see her sin as God sees it. Never give up. Remember every battle Israel fought in the Hebrew scriptures is an example for us – that we may not lose hope. When the disciples were in the boat, Yeshua was asleep, the storm was raging. They cried out in fear. He rebukes the storm, then rebukes them for their lack of faith. May we keep our eyes on Him; ask Him to increase our faith, give us discernment, and teach us not to fear. For the Lord our God goes before us!

      • Thank you for your sweet encouragement to Kim…and to all moms of prodigals Teresa! Such precious and powerful reminders! Pray on and watch what Jesus does! 🙂

  70. Please add Amanda

    • Praying with you for Amanda! Soon, Lord Jesus! Please bring Amanda back to you and her family…very soon!

      • To be more specific, Amanda is rebelling and is in an emotionally abusive and negative relationship. He has cut her off from everyone and everything. She is disrespectful, avoiding and gone all the time. It is all about him. He refuses to come to our home or respect us. He parents believe we have banned him. They are enablers and believe all the lies. She is living for college in 25 days. I am fearful he will affect and destroy college too. They will not be at the same college. We had a good relationship before this relationship. It was like whiplash. My husband and I are worn out. We are loving her unconditionally, supporting her and waiting as we let God. Please pray she realizes the truth and our family is restored and she is protected from him, his influence and that it doesn’t get worse. That the connection they have is broken and that she is not filled with pride and still avoids to save face. I miss my daughter. My heart is broken. It has been an incredibly long year.

  71. Alex B.

  72. Please add Trysten to the prayer list, and know that I will join in prayer for the others listed here.

  73. Please add Trysten. My heart is deeply touched by your ministry, will join in praying.

    • Praying with you for Trysten and so thankful for your partnership in prayer! So many hurting mommas and so many prodigals in need of Jesus! Let’s pray them back with all we’ve got! 🙂

  74. Please pray for our daughter, Alexis

  75. Please pray for my son Kory mental issues and rage.

    • Praying with you for Kory, Jane! It’s so hard to see our children hurting and going through things we can’t fix or control! But God is able!

  76. Please add Widdie Chad. & Dallas to prayer list

    • Praying with you for Widdie, Chat, and Dallas! Praying for them to serve the Lord in their generation. To walk in the truth and bring joy to your heart!

  77. Please add Michael to the list.

    • Praying with you for Michael, Cindy! That God would get ahold of his heart and make him a man after God’s own heart!

  78. Please add Mikal to the list

  79. Please add Trenton to your prayer list, I am so much at the end of my rope holding on, I have prayed and prayed and prayed, I need more to pray for him.

    • Praying with you for Trenton, Michelle! I could feel the hurt in your heart and, as a mom, I know that deep ache and am joining you in prayer that Trenton will be saved and become a man after God’s own heart!

  80. Please add my husband Frank to your prayer list.

    • Praying with you for your hubby! I got saved before my husband did and watched the Lord work in his life and bring him unto Himself. Don’t give up! Keep praying Acts 16:31 for him and keep living for Jesus in front of him. Praying he’ll be praising Jesus with you soon!

  81. Please add Justin. Praying for all the Mamas to stay strong and believe!

    • I’m sorry I’m just seeing this Kristi! Praying wit you for Justin and so thankful for you joining with momma hearts around the globe to pray for their children too.

  82. Please add my precious son Charndrè Mey

    • Praying with you for Charndre Mey! That he will become a man of God who will serve the Lord with passion and become all God created him to be.

  83. Please add Larry thanks in advance

    • Praying with you for Larry! That the Lord would seek him and save him and make him a child of God who becomes all God created him to be!

  84. Please add Steven, Alicia, Dairius, Shae, Derrin, Tiffany, JaMichael, Dontavius, Alex

    • Praying with you for all of your children Wanda! That each of them may be men and women of God who walk in the truth and turn the world upside down for Christ.

  85. Please add Arlee…we made some mistakes along the way but we sure tried always…she is very angry at us and won’t speak to us any longer and gone from home …i am so heartbroken

  86. Oh Dana! My heart hurts so much for you! We’ve all made mistakes along the way. But God is really good at being God and He pursues them for us even when they run from Him. Just keep letting Arlee know how much you love her and ask her forgiveness if necessary… but keep that door open, keep loving her, and keep praying like crazy. We know that no one will pray for our children like we will, but you have joined a group of mommas who are reaching out like you for prayer and who are praying for each other and for each other’s children! Lifting Arlee up with you now and can’t wait to hear how God brings her back to Himself!

  87. Please add DA to come back to the church and marriage.

    • Praying with you for DA to come back to church…to come back to Jesus… and to come back to his/her marriage!

  88. Please add my son Brent to your prayer list that he will come out of the homosexual life and back to God. Also Colby

    • Praying with you Kim… for Brent and for Colby. That every seed of truth and every word from the WORD that you have planted in their hearts will take root and they will return to the Lord and give their lives fully to the One who gave His life for them!

  89. Please pray for my beloved son Mark, who has refused a relationship with God and me for 7 years. I am heartbroken.

    • Oh Mary…I’m praying with you now for Mark! That the Lord would leave the 99 and chase hard after Mark. That God’s goodness would lead Mark to repentance and that Mark would be saved and become a man of God who loves God with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength!

  90. Please pray for Pat

  91. Kevin

  92. Josephine Harkness

    Please add: Michelle Stephanie Megan Mac Nathan Chris Cathy Sam & Cody thank you so much!

    • Praying with your for Michelle, Stephanie, Megan, Mac, Nathan, Chris, Cathy, Sam, & Cody. That God would same them and make them men and women after His own heart.

  93. Please add Christopher and Brandon

    • Praying with you for Christopher and Brandon, Lori Ray! That they would be saved and have a heart after God and would be all God created them to be!

  94. Thank you so much♥️

  95. Please add Spencer, Ryan and Brad to the list

    • Praying with you for Spencer, Ryan, and Brad! May they be turn from whatever is holding them hostage and preventing them from all God has for them.

  96. Please add my 2 prodigal sons, and I believe they are both bipolar, and abuse alcohol and seems like everytime they drink they break my heart , please pray for Stephen and Richard

    • Praying with you for your sons. Being a parent of adult children is SO hard! Especially when they choose a life completely different from everything they grew up to know. Lifting up Stephen and Richard… that God would break every chain that and deliver them from drinking and from mental highs and lows and that they will be saved, healed, and made whole in spirit, mind, and body, in Jesus’ name!

  97. Joey

    • Praying with you for Joey and Genevieve! That God would get ahold of their hearts and that they would not be enchanted with what the world has to offer, but be drawn to Christ and saved. That He would become their all in all.

  98. Joshua. Jacob and Derrek James

    • Praying with you for Joshua, Jacob, Derrek, and James. That God would get ahold of their hearts and that they would want Jesus more than anything else this world has to offer.

  99. Plese add to your prayer lists

  100. Please pray for my son Jared to turn from the lifestyles of this world and again believe in God’s word and promises.

    • Praying with you for Jared… that He would turn away from the lifestyles of this world and turn to God and be saved and live for the Lord all the days of his life. That he would hate his sin and God’s goodness would lead him to repentance. That they Lord would give him the faith to believe and that he would be saved.

      I also would like to invite you to an online FB page for lost loved ones, “That They May Be Saved” where we pray daily for one another’s loved ones.

  101. Please add Kimberly to the prayer list.

    • Praying with you for Kimberly… that the Lord would pursue her heart and that she would turn to the Lord and surrender all she is to Jesus today!

  102. Melody Newcomb

    Please add my son Braylin to the list

    • Hi Melody,
      I’m so sorry that I’m just seeing your comment to add your son Braylin to the list. I join you in prayer for Braylin, that God would work in His life in clear and obvious ways and that Braylin would turn to the Lord, surrender his life fully to Christ and live for Him with a fervent passion all the days of his life. That Braylin would be a man of God who walks in the truth.

  103. Please add Micah. Thank you.

  104. Please add Elizabeth to the list

  105. Please pray for our only child Tyler. He has struggled with depression and now seems to be an alcoholic. His heart is hardened, he is rude to me, and he has completely turned from God. I have been praying for him to turn back to Him for more than 10 years now. He is 32. Thank you for offering a place where others will pray for him and I can pray for their loved ones as well.

    • That’s so hard on a momma’s heart! Praying with you for Tyler…that the Lord would open his eyes to his condition before God and that He would open Tyler’s heart to turn to away from his sins and turn to Christ for forgiveness and new life! God is able to reach Tyler, no matter how far he has strayed and no matter how hard his heart may be now. Praying for a soft heart, a yielded life, and complete deliverance from all that holds him in bondage.

  106. Please pray for Willie P and Shanerra to COME BACK to their first love.

    • Praying with you for Willie and Shanerra to come back to their first love! Can’t wait to hear the good news of when they do! May it be very soon!

  107. Please pray for our daughter, Sasha. She has been gone for almost one year. She is so lost and needs Jesus so desperately, but is in deep rebellion against the Lord. Thank you!

    • Praying with you for Sasha! Praying the Lord will go after her and not leave her alone until she repents and turns back to Him. We both know that it is only in Him that she will find rest for her soul and peace for her mind.

  108. Please our 24 year old son, Leo.

    • Praying with you for Leo! That the Lord would draw Leo unto Himself, break every chain that is keeping him from turning to God and that the Lord would save him if he isn’t saved or bring him back into the fold, if he already is saved.

  109. Please add Sheri, Dan, Robert, Leigh, Jackson, Carter, Linda, Maryann, Debbie, Nicole, and Samantha.

    • Praying with you for Sheri, Dan, Robert, Leigh, Jackson, Carter, Linda, Maryann, Debbie, Nicole and Samantha. That God would get ahold of each of their hearts and bring them back to Him.

  110. Please pray for Shannon, Sarah and Mike, Samantha and Nate, and Brandon

    • Praying with you for Shannon, Mike, Samantha, Nate and Brandon. That His goodness will lead them to repentance and that He will woo them to Himself and that they will serve the Lord with their whole hearts soon!

  111. Please add my adult children Mary, Andreas, and Annabeth to the list. And also their significant others, Luna, Brad, and Alex.

    • From one momma with adult children to the another, praying with you for Mary, Andreas and Annabeth along with their significant others, Luna, Brad and Alex…that they would be saved soon (if they aren’t already) and that they would desire Jesus more than they desire anything or anyone else. I pray that each of them will live lives that demonstrate that they love the Lord their God with all their hearts, soul and mind.

  112. hello5bd64ce5be

    Please add, Baylee, Julia and Levi.

    Thank you SO much!

    • Praying with you for Baylee, Julia and Levi… that the Lord would draw each of them to Himself, save them and that they would each have a heart after God, just like David did.

  113. Please help me pray for my son, Je’Kienan that he will return home and back to God. Also my nephews De’Keviyan and Te’Khoriyen that they will return to God. I know that God is covering them and working on their behalf! I trust God and believe that He will bring them back!

    • Benita, I’m sorry I’m just seeing your request. Praying with you for your son and your nephews! We know God has an amazing plan for their lives…it’s just so hard to watch them as they try to figure it all out. Praying with you now.

  114. Please add my daughter Alex
    And friend’s son Aaron

    • So sorry I’m just seeing your prayer request. We were on vacation. Please know I’m praying with you for Alex and Aaron! That God would get ahold of their hearts, draw them back to Himself, surround them with godly influence, give them a desire to turn from everything that is keeping them from Him and surrender fully to the Lord.

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