The Making of a Marriage – Laughter

Today, I’m over at The M.O.M. Initiative talking about the importance of laughter and how to make your home a place where laughter fills the air. To read more, CLICK HERE.

But I also want to talk about laughter in the context of our marriages.

Do you still laugh with your husband like you did when he was your boyfriend? Does laughter fill your home? Or do you take yourself too seriously to laugh?

Life is hard and marriage is certainly not easy. Laughter can bring healing to hurting marriage and strengthen those that are already strong.

The Bible tells us that laughter does good like medicine.

It’s good for your health, good for your heart and good for your marriage.

But sometimes it’s hard to laugh in light of real life. When your marriage looks more like the Mayhem guy from the All State commercials, then laughing is really the last thing you feel like doing… yet it’s one of the best ways to lighten the mood and bring healing to a hurtful situation.

Now, I’m getting ready to take a little necessary detour here and I think I might need to rate this part of my post “PG-13” so be prepared for some straight talk….

I love to laugh. I laugh at myself. I laugh at my husband. I laugh at my dog. I laugh at my bird and in normal situations, I find humor in just about everything, but in my younger days PMS wreaked havoc on my marriage every month.

About a week before my cycle, nothing was funny and my noise level limit peaked at a whisper. To be honest, I didn’t even like being around myself.

Our home was typically filled with fun but there was definitely nothing funny about life in the Shott home when I was PMSing.

I’m sure my boys wondered why mom’s temper was so short and their days seemed so long. My husband was always quick to ask, Are you PMSing? but I would have never confessed that it was the fault of my raging hormones. Later on I learned the physical changes that occur in our bodies during that time of the month and found out that what seems to be emotionally driven mood swings really stems from physical changes going on inside our bodies.

PMS is real. And it can make even the funniest mom seem like she’s mad at the world.

So, while I’m encouraging you to enjoy life with your hubby and find humor in as much about life as you can, I also want to encourage you who still deal with hormones runamuck to consider researching how you can help curb your PMS symptoms. CLICK HERE to go to a link to a site that offers some natural remedies.

Now… back to why it’s so important to make laughter a big part of your marriage.

Statistics show that couples who laugh a lot together have lasting marriages. It’s not just important to laugh, it’s necessary.

Men need to know you enjoy being with them. They need to enjoy being with you. Marriage is better when laughter fills the air. Arguments subside when they are interrupted by laughter. Stress is reduced when laughter insues.

So, today take a look at the laughter level of your home. Do you still have fun together? If not, it’s time to start have some intentional belly laughs together.

My post at The M.O.M. Initiative offers 10 ways to make laughter part of your experience at home. They apply to your marriage, as well.

If you’re struggling in your marriage start finding ways to laugh again. You’ll be surprised at how much healing can happen when laughter begins to fill the air.

What do you do to make laughter a daily experience in your home? Have you become too serious to laugh at yourself or laugh at all?

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