A Word from the WORD – Trust Him in the Wait

“But David said to Abishai, “Do not destroy him; for who can stretch his hand 

against the LORD’S anointed, and be guiltless.” 1 Samuel 26:7
I’m a doer. I like to jump on things and get them done…fix them…do what’s necessary to make things happen. Perhaps that’s why waiting has always been hard for me.

Do you struggle with waiting on God? Do you try to help Him out in the midst of the wait?

I remember many times when the Lord would lead me in a specific area and I knew it was inevitable, yet I tried to become God’s little helper and make it happen in my own time rather than His.

God told David that he was to become King, but I don’t think David realized that between the promise and the fulfillment of that promise, he would have to wait fifteen long and difficult years.

He could have griped and moaned. He could have gotten angry at the Lord for everything he went through along the way. He could have given up in the journey and he could have even tried to become God’s little helper and taken Saul out of the picture. After all, it would have been self-defense.

But David understood that the wait was a necessary part of the journey.

And so regardless of how difficult or dangerous his days were – in spite of the length of time it took to see the promise fulfilled – David trusted God in the wait.

Today, you may be waiting to see the Lord fulfill a promise in your life…or perhaps He tucked a dream in your heart long ago. Don’t give up and don’t lose heart. Don’t try to make it happen or get angry because it hasn’t happened yet.

God sees you and He loves you and even the wait is a necessary part of your journey that has been filtered through the loving heart of God.

What are you waiting to see God do? Do you struggle with giving in, getting angry or trying to make it happen on your own? 


  1. Thats what Im learning…waiting is part of the journey

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