Help Lead an OVERWHELMED Study & Begin a M.O.M. Initiative Group In Your Church or Ministry

The M.O.M. Initiative is a fresh new vision for an age-old calling and is dedicated to taking Titus 2 to the streets!

Monday, we are releasing our second book, Overwhelmed ~ 31 Stories from M.O.M. available as a PDF. It is our gift to moms, churches, ministries and mentors, and we hope you will SIGN UP TO LEAD A GROUP!

The emails keep coming in to The M.O.M. Initiative

  • “I would love, love, love to be a mentor! How do I go about it?”
  • “Do you have groups that meet in churches and if so how would we go about opening ours to do that?”
  • “What an amazing, wonderful, idea I sure wish something like this had been around when I younger. I am a grandma to 10 and mother to 4. Please let me know what I do next. God bless you for starting this. I am praying now for all those mentor.”
  • “I’m the president of a local MOPS group and a state coordinator for MOMS Club international and I will be using “Facing Our Fears” with some moms at our MOPS group.

Emails reflecting that there is definitely a resurgence of Titus 2 women ready to step into their God-given mentoring shoes. But many have felt like they lacked resources and support.

Maybe you’ve felt that way too.

The M.O.M. Initiative is asking you to SIGN UP and begin a M.O.M. Initiative group in your church, ministry or as an individual mentor.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between a mom’s need for a mentor and the church’s need for resources and support. To be a hub for mentors, churches, ministries and moms to connect with one another and WE ARE ASKING YOU TO LINK HEARTS AND HANDS AND CHANGE THE WORLD ONE MOM AT A TIME.

Overwhelmed ~ 31 Stories from M.O.M. is coming out on Monday, January 7th and it is our gift to the church, to ministries and to mentors who are looking to begin or expand their mentoring ministries.Overwhelmed provides a six week study with five stories each week. Each story includes reflective questions specifically designed to serve as conversation prompts and help foster the mentor/mentee relationship as you navigate the life of an overwhelmed mom together.

Here’s a brief look at what a mentoring ministry might look like for you:

  • Schedule a time and place to meet weekly for six weeks.
  • You and the mentee will read through 5 stories each week and be prepared when you meet together each week.
  • As a mentor, you can rest in knowing the questions at the end of each story are specifically designed to be a catalyst for conversation. This will give you, as a mentor, the confidence to know you won’t have to worry about that awkward silence that would normally leave you scrambling for something to say.
  • The questions are also written to help you, as a mentor, reflect on your own story and share your failures as well as your successes with the kind of sincere transparency that will assure your mentee that she is not alone and that her mentor isn’t Pinterest perfect either.
  • Your time together is a tool to nurture a relationship that will hopefully last long past the book.

This is a great mentoring tool for churches, MOPS groups, MOMS Club International and other ministries. The body of Christ can make mentoring intentionally missional by taking Titus 2 to the streets and using this FREE resource in low income neighborhoods, apartment complexes, women’s shelters, crisis pregnancy centers, homeless shelters, juvenile shelters, prisons and wherever young moms can be found.

IF YOU, YOUR CHURCH OR YOUR MINISTRY are ready to start or expand your mentoring ministry, we would like to help. SIGN UP TO RECEIVE OVERWHELMED and we will list your church or organization on our online directory, making it easy for moms who are looking for mentors to locate a M.O.M. Initiative Mentor Group in their area.

To sign up to lead an OVERWHELMED study and begin a M.O.M. Initiative Group in your area, click this link.

Be part of the revolution and lets change the world…ONE. MOM. AT. A. TIME!

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