Said the Bunny to the Egg

I’m not sure what the fuss is
said the bunny to the egg
I’m just a furry little critter
created to bring Him praise
I have no special powers
I don’t even wear a cape
I give no hope to hurting hearts
I can’t redeem or save
And you, you’re just a little egg
waiting to be born
You cannot change a heart of stone
or mend a life that’s torn
You do not direct the steps of man
or give purpose to their days
You can not hold the stars in space
or help men find their way
Why do they make such a fuss
about a bunny and an egg
When Jesus is the only One
Who is worthy of such praise
It is He who the heavens can’t contain
the Creator of all things
It is Jesus, the Messiah
He is why we sing
It is He who keeps the sea at bay
and causes life to grow
It is He who heals a broken heart
and makes the winds to blow
It is Jesus who died to set man free
and save them from their sins
Only Jesus can take wayward heart
and make it new again
It is Jesus whose blood cleanses man
It is Jesus who sets them free
Only Jesus can help them to become
who He created them to be
It is Jesus who pulls people from the pit
and sets them on a rock
It is Jesus who with His rod and staff
tenderly cares for His flock
It is Jesus who speaks peace to their storms
and gives purpose for their pain
It is Jesus, the One who is the Lord
It is Jesus the King of kings
It is Jesus whose presence gives them peace
It is Jesus who is the Way
Only Jesus, the Son of the Living God
hears them when they pray
It is Jesus who bore their sin and their shame
and nailed it to the cross
It was Jesus who wore a crown of thorns
and died to save the lost
I’m not sure what the fuss is
said the bunny to the egg
Isn’t Easter supposed to be about
Jesus Christ, the Risen One
~ by Stephanie Shott

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  1. I love your poem, Stephanie – lovely rhyme, perfect message!

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