Rest at the Nest


This past week, my hubby and I headed for Ellijay, Georgia for a little working vacation.

We both knew we’d be working. I had a radio interview on Thursday, a television interview on Friday and a whole lot of writing to do. He had to work on some curriculum he is preparing to teach in a couple short weeks.

So, we were working, but it was really a chance to get away with God and with each other. Chillaxing, away and alone. Something that rarely happens.

Well, away and alone happens quite often for me, but chillaxing….very seldom.

We perched our tired selves in a place called the Eagle’s Nest. Me with a nasty cold and Donald, with a lot on his plate, somehow found a place of haven in my sweet friend’s vacation rental in the hills of Ellijay, Georgia.

The Eagle’s Nest is a beautifully decorated, quaint peace of the country owned by my sweet friends, Terry and Marsha Spicer.

Within minutes, we discovered a sweet retweet where dear gathered just outside the back door and hummingbirds swished by as they stopped to gather nectar from the flowers in the yard.

We never really stopped working, but being there made us feel like we were on vacation, even though we weren’t. 

There were lakes, rivers, places to hike, and a quaint little town with antique shops galore. You could have fun wearing yourself out with all the options for activities or you can get yourself some R & R in the quiet surroundings of the Nest. It’s all up to you and and it’s all available to you, right there in Ellijay!

So, sweet friend…I know this may sound a bit like a commercial, but we really loved it there and wanted to tell you about it.

If you need a place to get away for a week or just a weekend, my friend’s place is really a great place to go.

You can even click this link to find out more about it, if you’d like. Or you can click this link and it will take you straight to the vacation rental site.


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  1. We stayed in Elijay a few times. Beautiful place. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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