Why Mentoring Matters & Why I’m So Passionate About It


Did you know…. over 50% of the children being raised in the United States are being raised in single parent homes?

And did you know that approximately 26% of those single parents are teen moms?

And did you know that almost 80% of the prison population come from single parent homes?

That’s not an indictment on single moms, it’s a clear indication that motherhood is hard and it’s not a journey that was meant to be made alone.

That’s why The M.O.M. Initiative exists. To help the body of Christ make mentoring missional and make a difference in the lives of moms. And while the ministry wasn’t designed to only minister to single and teen moms, those precious mommas were on the forefront of this momma’s heart when I founded it.

So…The M.O.M. Initiative mentors moms because mentoring matters.

We mentor moms because if we can reach the moms of this generation, we can reach the heart of the next generation.

And did you know that those who were mentored are:

  • Earning higher income levels than those who aren’t mentoredBetterTogether300x300 copy
  • Less likely to quit school
  • Less likely to do drugs
  • Less likely to deal with depression
  • More likely to be active in their communities
  • More likely to have the confidence to apply for higher level jobs
  • Earn up to $22,000 more for comparable jobs
  • More likely to deal with changes in life and difficult circumstances better than those who weren’t mentored

Mentoring matters! It makes a difference in the lives of those who are mentored as well as those who do the mentoring.

So, if mentoring is so profound, why don’t we see more mentoring going on? Especially in the church?

We hope to change that by weaving mentoring into the fabric of the local church. And YOU CAN HELP!

The M.O.M. Initiative is a cutting edge ministry that is on the brink of some amazing things! God had been doing some unexplainable things as all the pieces of the ministry puzzle have now come into place.

  • The BOOK
  • The M.O.M.s
  • YOU!

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve always wished there was a book that could help moms navigate the difficult waters of motherhood from a biblical and real-life perspective, yet also serve as a tool that is uniquely designed to make small group study and mentoring moms easy and relevant.


That’s why I wrote The Making of a Mom.

To minister to the hearts of mommas and to answer the questions that every mentor asks:

  1. What will I use?
  2. What will I say?
  3. What will I do?

And this past week I was interviewed on a local news station to share about what The M.O.M. Initiative is, the BETTER TOGETHER Conference we are holding in Jacksonville, Florida on July 31st through August 2nd, and how you can PRE-ORDER my new book, The Making of a Mom to read for your own mom journey or to begin your own M.O.M. Group in your local church, ministry or community.

Would you take a few short minutes and discover how YOU don’t have to take your mom journey alone and how you can impact your community and this culture for Christ through the power of missional mentoring?

To watch the video, please click this link. 

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