Jesus changes everything… I know because He changed me! (Video of my testimony)

It’s been 30 years and I’m still just was WOWed by Jesus as I was in 1987 when He saved me! No-one was more surprised than I was that Jesus would take this girl with a bad past and bleak future and give me a new heart and a new life!

But He did. And I’ve never been the same.

That’s what He does. He makes all things new. He makes beauty out of ashes. He gives us purpose and passion and leads us to be all He created us to be.

All we have to do is simply trust that what He did on the cross was for us and surrender our life to Him as Lord of our lives. That’s what repentance and faith is all about. Turning from our sins and turning to Him in faith.

Would you take less than five minutes and watch what He has done for me. I really just want you to know how much He loves you and, if you have never received Christ, would you surrender your life today?

His plan for your life is better than anything you can plan for yourself. I promise! But more importantly, He promises!

And if you know someone who you’ve been wanting to share the Gospel with, would you be willing to share this video with them?

My deepest prayer is that the Lord would use this simple video to reach people with the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.

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