Because God loves you deeply, passionately, intimately, relentlessly, and unconditionally… You are CHERISHED!

Welcome to CHERISHED!

For the next three weeks, I’m going to share with you a message that I have shared at retreats and conferences. In this current climate of harsh words and brash behavior, let’s step back to the gentle grace that echoes through the ages filling up the aching and agitated places of our hearts with truth that changes lives, communities, and cultures.

Take a few minutes when you receive each new post in your inbox and unplug from all that beckons you… and press in to the One whose quiet beckoning often gets put on the back burner of our crazy busy lives.

Because He relentlessly whispers from His Word and from every circumstance in your life the words every heart longs to hear… “I love you!”

There are no other words that speak peace to our hearts or that calms our souls like Jesus telling us He loves us!

Because to Him, you are worth it. To Him, you are worth dying for. To Him, you are CHERISHED.

Whether you’ve been in a thousand Bible studies, or you’ve never even considered Jesus Christ before, you are equally CHERISHED by the God who created you on purpose and for a purpose. 

For the next three week, discover the One who loves you more than life itself. His name is Jesus.

This study is about not just learning something new, it’s about living out the truth of who you are in your generation. It’s about radically surrendering to God and who He calls you to be in these crazy and even dangerous days we live in.

You are cherished by God. And the same God who cherishes you also calls you to cherish Him and to cherish one another.


Adore, hold dear, love, dote on, be devoted to, revere, esteem highly, admire; think the world of, care for or look after, protect, preserve, keep safe. Treasure, prize, value highly, hold dear, cling to, foster, nurture, possess.

We cherish many things. We cherish our husbands, our children, our grandchildren, our homes, our family heirlooms. We cherish our friends, our church, or church family, our jobs, our ministries, our positions, our pictures, and our pets.

As Christians, we cherish God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, our salvation, the cross, the Bible, and our testimony.

These are the things most of us place a high value on. And when we truly grasp WHO GOD IS and HOW THIS HOLY, OMNIPOTENT GOD, bends HIS HEART to CAPTURE OURS – to MAKE US HIS… and when we really embrace the essence of how much we are CHERISHED by THIS GOD WHO IS BEYOND our COMPREHENSION, it changes us, it changes you!

It bleeds over into every area of our lives and changes…

  • the way you see yourself
  • the way you see God
  • the way you embrace your calling
  • the way you deal with your fears and insecurities
  • the way you deal with heartache and pain
  • the way you get past your past
  • the way you live out who you are in your home, as a wife, as a mother, as a woman of God

It changes everything. This weekend can literally change everything.

For the next three weeks, I want to pull back the curtain on 3 significant relationships that you have entered into with God through the cross of Christ.

Relationships that highlight who you are in a way you may have never thought about before… in a way that will change you… in a way that changes everything.

  • Daughter of God
  • Friend of God
  • Bride of Christ

I hope you’ll join me and find out how beautiful and powerful God’s love for you is. Oh how deeply you are cherished by the One who created you for Himself and delights in you more than you can imagine! He even sings over you!

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