How Complicated Is It to Be Saved?

Some people make salvation so complicated. Others make it too easy.

It’s simply believing with your whole heart that Jesus died for YOU and that He was raised from the dead. 

But that biblical belief is more than a mental assent to who Jesus is and what He has done. It’s a clinging to… a surrendering of the will over to Him as Lord of our lives. Perhaps that’s the hard part.

The Greek word used for “believe” is pisteuō. It means to commit to, cling to, adhere too.

It’s easy to say you believe something. But for something to affect your life, you surrender to that belief. You follow it. You follow Him.

So, if people know Jesus loved them some much that He died on the cross, why do people choose to NOT follow Jesus? Why would they reject such great love?

That’s a complicated but simple answer too.

They’re choosing to hold onto something. They’re choosing to reject the love Christ offers because they want whatever that thing is more.

Even those who say they don’t believe in God do so to reject the reality that one day they will have to give an account for their lives to the One who gave them life.

In fact, Jesus said that the reason people don’t turn to Him is because they love darkness rather than light.

People want to cling to their sin… their ideology… their version of truth… even their religion, rather than give their lives to the One who gave His life for them. 

So easy… yet so hard. What are you holding on to today? Is it more important than your eternal soul? 

Don’t allow yourself to lose your own soul because you choose darkness rather than light. 

You’ll never regret giving your life to Christ. You’ll eternally regret not giving your life to Him.

That’s today’s word from the Word.

My deepest hope is that you know Jesus and have been born again. If you don’t know Christ… if you’ve never been born again… would you give your life to Him today?

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