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Have you ever read one of those formal bios and felt like you didn’t know the person at all? Well, I don’t want that to happen here. So, I know this is where you generally find the typical bio, but I thought it would be fun to share the 4-1-1 on the “personal” me and since we know your event team will want something a bit more ‘professional’ you can find a more formal bio pasted below. 

But first, here’s me in a nutshell.

Me – Often goofy, never perfect, love to laugh (especially at myself). Passionate about Jesus, passionate about being passionate. Not a girly girl, but secretly want to be. Just learning to accessorize, don’t know my colors, hate to shop, have a love/hate relationship with menapause, love missions, hate to fly, trying to find someone to nominate me for “What Not to Wear.”

Family – I’m married to my best friend who thinks he’s funnier than I am. More talented, yes…funnier, no way. He’s a pastor, a drummer, a surfer and a man of God who is absolutely passionate about reaching this generation for Christ. I’m blessed to be “mom” to two young men who are as different as night and day. Karl (my oldest) is Mr. Sports. He loves every kind of sport on planet earth. He is married to a sweet and godly young woman and they are parents to my first grandgirl. Oh my, life as an abuela (grandma) is so sweet! DJ (my youngest) is Mr. Talent. Singer, songwriter, musician, graphic designer, ect… He’s my go-to guy for all things computer.

Tidbits – Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me. I was adopted. My birth mom was raped – and I was the result. I met her when I was 27 and was so excited when I found out she was a believer. God has blessed me beyond measure with two wonderful moms. One that loved me past the pain of rape and chose life for me instead and one who would love me and raise me as her own.

About Stephanie (The official bio)…

Stephanie is crazy in love with her Savior and isn’t shy about letting others know how great He is. She is a popular and passionate Bible teacher, speaker and author who lives to proclaim the truth that God is real in real life – that He is who He says He is and He can be trusted to do what He says He will do. 

Audiences define Stephanie as real, passionate, contagious and inspiring… a definite “Right choice” for women’s events.

Her own backstory of a painful past has become a platform of praise to the Living God. Her life began as the result of a rape; her childhood was marred by a decade of sexual abuse; as a young adult she spent years wandering the wilderness of foolish choices but since her life-changing encounter with Christ in 1987, Stephanie now takes every opportunity she has to tell of God’s rich and redeeming grace. She loves what Corrie Ten Boom once said, “There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still.”

Stephanie is also founder of The M.O.M. Initiative – a missional mentoring ministry devoted to taking Titus 2 to the streets and changing the world one mom at a time. You can find out more about the The M.O.M. Initiative at www.themominitiative.com.

She is also a Speaker Chick. Led by author and speaker, Kathi Lipp, Speaker Chicks is a team of gifted communicators who minister to the hearts of women by ministering to those who lead them. You can find out more about them at www.speakerchicks.com.

Women’s ministry leaders trust Stephanie to inspire women to let God make beauty out of their own ashes, to call Christians to stand strong, live intentionally and believe God, and to challenge mothers to mentor other mothers.

Stephanie is the author of Understanding What Matters Most (a Bible study on Ecclesiastes) and has written numerous articles, which have appeared in Focus on the Family’s, Thrive as well as MOPS International’s MomEmail, P31 Woman Magazine and (In)courage.

As a guest on various television and radio shows, Stephanie is called upon to speak hope and healing to those who have suffered from sexual abuse; to remind women they are never too battered, too broken, too dirty, too unloveable or too unforgivable for God, to call women to courageously escape the Christian bubble and take Titus 2 to the streets and change the world one life at a time.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Her passion for the Lord and love for His people shine through everything she says and does! Her sound biblical teaching resonated with our women. She had us both laughing and crying.”

“Stephanie is a deep but practical teacher. She finds things in the Word I never knew were there and then she helps us see how we can live them out.”

“It was like I was sitting down, having coffee with a friend as she poured her heart into mine. She’s a captivating speaker who gives you insights you would have never thought of.”

“Her love for us was evident. You could tell she had spent time seeking God’s face on our behalf.”

To check Stephanie’s availability, please email her at stephanieshott@me.com.


  1. Abuelita Que Dios te bendiga. I am glad that you choose to follow M300 Ministries on Twitter today. I love your testimony and that from a missionary guy who has served in missions in Costa Rica. I am ready to go to Costa Rica again. We can we go? Seriously the Lord has been pressing upon my heart a need to return to the land where I learned Spanish and Hispanic culture. Take a closer look at http://www.m300ministries.org and let's start to pray for an opportunity to partner in Costa Rica.
    Wayne Gaines
    Founder/Director @ M300 Ministries

  2. Hey Steph,
    Somehow..well Devine intervention:) ..every
    few years the Lord brings us together. We pick up
    just where we left off.
    This time we are both tossed about with our mothers and their journey with cancer and now to
    peace with The Father. I don't have the words to
    express all of the emotions. Love. Love.
    You look radiant and I can see the love of Jesus
    shine through you!

    your sister,
    Kelly O'

  3. Powerful testimony. I'm glad you are in ministry. Your life story, conversion and heart for Jesus will touch many lives in a positive way.

  4. I just read your bio for the first time. Did you know you share a similar story with James Robison (Life Today).

    We adopted our beautiful daughter. She is everything beautiful and precious. No words do her little life justice.

    Thanks for sharing your personality in your bio. My husband and I love to laugh too. :o)


  5. I think God put you in my path for a reason what that is only God knows and will let me know why if you read my story I sent you that will tell you about me its nice to have someone in your life to help one another laugh God Bless you cant wait to get to know you more God Bless you always

  6. in reading your bio, we have many things in common. i'm glad Moms Together invited you to join them on fb today.

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