Happy Birthday DJ

Today’s post is dedicated to my youngest son, DJ. I’m not going to get all mushy and embarrass him through cyberspace, but I do want to thank him for not only being such a great son, but for also being such a great friend!

Through the years, we’ve talked about almost everything and although I realize he’s not perfect, I’m proud of the man he is becoming and look forward to seeing how God is going to use him in the years ahead.

DJ has blessed me more than he’ll ever know! He’s probably the funniest person I’ve ever known…definitely the most talented! AND…I wish I could take credit for some of that, but I obviously can’t.

All I can say is “I’m so blessed to be his mother, I love him more than words can say and I’m uber excited to see how God uses him in the years to come.”

So DJ…

They say it’s your birthday…Happy birthday to you! I love you and I know you know this, but YOU ROCK!(And please tell me you get the whole dolphin thing) 🙂

By the way…this page is here because DJ created it for me! He’s my go-to guy for all things computer – and he’s beyond talented when it comes to music, as well! (Yes, I’m a proud mom, but it’s my blog and his birthday, so I can’t help myself!) 🙂


  1. Yay! Happy birthday, DJ! Hope you're enjoying your special day. May the Lord bless all you do!

  2. Happy Birthday DJ!!!

  3. Happy Bithday DJ!!!

  4. HAPPY BDAY DJ!!! May God Bless!

  5. Happy Birthday, DJ!! I hope you've had a blessed day! You've got a great mom—appreciate her!!!

  6. Happy Birthday DJ!!!! May God bless you exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or imagine!

  7. Happy Birthday DJ we thank God for giving you another year of life.I hope you had a great day.You are blessed child.:)

    God Bless
    Pastor Pedro Valdez

  8. A big THANK YOU for all your sweet birthday wishes! I pray God richly blesses each of you for your graciousness!

  9. Hi DJ!

    Hope this next year is the best year of your life. Hope you conquer something challenging and fun . . . and seek God harder than ever before!!!

  10. Happy Birthday DJ!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday DJ

  12. Happy Birthday DJ

  13. Thanks again to all who sent birthday wishes! You all are such a blessing!

  14. Happy birthday, DJ! Thanks for bringing joy into your mom's life.

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