How Much Time Is Enough?

Many people ask how much time they should spend reading the Bible. It’s a good question, but there is no one-size-fits-all kind of answer. When it comes to the time we spend in God’s Word, there is no such thing as “too much” – there is no such thing as “too little.”

I remember not long after I became a Christian a sweet and godly man told me that there is a big difference between reading God’s Word and studying it and that I needed to strive to do both each day. That word of wisdom has stuck with me through the years. For better or for worse, I still strive to do both every day. I say, “for better or for worse” because, at times, I’ve weighed myself down with self-imposed expectations that were impossible to keep in light of what I was going through.

You see, it doesn’t take long on planet earth to learn that life happens and circumstances don’t always add up to an hour in the morning reading God’s Word and an hour in the evening studying it. Life happens. People get sick. Tragedy strikes. Schedules are altered. Children are up all night throwing up. Elderly parents need to be cared for. Newborn babies cry through the night. A house full of children make it impossible to find a quiet place.

We’re all in different seasons in our lives and we face an ongoing jockeying of our schedules trying to prevent our worlds from colliding with our time in the Word.

On the flip side of the circumstantial coin, it’s important that we don’t let our dailies dictate our agendas. If we’re not careful, our lives can become an excuse for not spending time in the Word of the Living God.

So, how much time is enough? As much as you can possibly invest! As much as you desire to grow given the season you are in right now. As much as you need comfort, courage, wisdom and strength in the circumstances you face today. As much as you need to build your faith and guard your heart during the storms that are sure to come. As much as you desire to leave a legacy of diligence and godliness for your children. As much as you can, dear one…as much as you can.

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